hello beautiful Nicki here from crazy simple truth ministries and I’m so glad you are here because today we’re gonna talk about healing and I have been putting this video off and putting this video off and putting this video off because I’m a firm believer that things you speak… Continue Reading God healed my chronic pain!! My Interstitial Cystitis Story/ Christian Testimony

[music] It’s a disease that affects an estimated 5.5 million women and men in the United States, however only about 1 million patients are properly diagnosed and treated. Interstitial cystitis bladder pain syndrome is defined as an unpleasant discomfort or sensation related to the bladder and associated with lower urinary… Continue Reading Understanding Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome

(intense music) – I lost my pants again (chuckles). (record scrapes) (sighs) It’s us again. – [Lara] You probably don’t have to wonder how we ended up here. I’m Lara. – [Kelsey] And I’m Kelsey. – [Lara] And we’ve made so many damn videos about our chronic pain, we can’t… Continue Reading Traveling When You Have Chronic Pain