Yeah, it’s always the question why, but… I feel more complete every time I have a session, you know. Everybody wants to look like how you see yourself, you know. For the Brutal Black project, the most important [thing] is the experience. It’s like a kind of rite of passage… Continue Reading The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain

– It’s called the modesty rule and basically they were saying you’re– which I find funny because it’s a school issued swimsuit. It’s not like she was like, I’m wearing this from home. Like they gave it to her, to do the meet in and then they punished you for… Continue Reading A High School Swimmer Fights Against A Body-Shaming Swimsuit Rule

Hello, i’m Ching from Taiwan Hi !! My name is Neusky And I’m from Saint Brieuc in Britanny My name is Maud Dardeau I worked 6 years at Tin-Tin Tatouages And a just opened my shop in Bordeaux I’m Delphine Noiztoy I work in London My name’s Kim, I was… Continue Reading Mondial du Tatouage 2017 : les Interviews avec Hands & Needles, The Art of Tattoo

Last time you were here, you were with– Jason. Jason, right. And you were doing shots, right? You were doing tequila shots. Yeah. Now today you’re not going to do tequila shots. I brought some, just in case you wanted some, because you said it was on your bucket list… Continue Reading Rihanna Had This to Say About Anne Hathaway’s Body

Film Courage: Ken of the many books that you’ve written (and you have one you co-wrote entitled Writing Treatments That Sell and maybe you can hold it up so people can see it’s cool cover there and first off can we define what is a treatment? Dr. Ken Atchity, author/producer:… Continue Reading Writing Treatments That Sell by Dr. Ken Atchity

hritis, they should think about trying the natural living lifestyle. There are a number of aspects of the natural living lifestyle, but one of the most important is diet. We think about diet for rheumatoid arthritis we want to look at decreasing inflammation, so we want to take out foods… Continue Reading Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis with Natural Medicine – Dr. Barker, ND

My name is Carla Valentine and I’m the technical curator at Barts Pathology Museum. Prior to working in Barts Pathology Museum, I was an Anatomical Pathology Technologist or APT. It’s easier to call us morticians – I think people are really more aware of what a mortician is than an… Continue Reading Examining the body and post-mortem | The Morgue

– What is going on, ZPac? It’s your boy ZDoggMD. Welcome to another episode of Incident Report, which is also a audio podcast, even though you’re looking at me now if you’re watching on YouTube or Facebook. My quick housekeeping, before we jump into this really, really, really amazing show… Continue Reading Why Your Fear of Needles Could Kill You | Incident Report 213

Sleep is essential and unavoidable for a person’s health & well being Happiness, Unhappiness, strength, weakness, nourishment, emaciation, vitality, sterility, knowledge and ignorance all is based on ones sleep Impotency and decrease in sperm count also occurs due to improper sleep Sleeping time is at night. Day sleeping is not… Continue Reading Amazing Facts about Sleep in Ayurveda || Chat with Dr. P Sethumadhavan, PAHRC || Healthy Flavours