The disks are a unique structure because they’re the largest avascular structures in the body so it sets up a stage where if there is injury within the disc, it’s tough to repair and the disk is only innervated when it’s healthy on the outer periphery so if you have… Continue Reading What causes back pain?

Today’s Review is on Cascadia Blooms CBD Hemp Flowers. actually out of all the CBD products this is one of the products I was most skeptical about and even though it’s the the raw form of it I was just really curious to see kind of how a CBD flower… Continue Reading CBD Flower For Pain and Insomnia [December 2019 Favorite]

Hey guys~ Welcome back! It’s Rowena. It’s Felicia~ We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, Right? Well, it’s easy to say because when it comes to the small things in life, it’s surprisingly how big they can seem in our heads. And today we’re going to be… Continue Reading How to Treat Different Types of Breakouts & Acne In Your Skincare Routine – Beauty Within

Patients with trigeminal neuralgia will tell you it’s it’s the worst pain of their life and people who have had terrible pains like childbirth or heart attacks or kidney stones will tell you it’s worse than that. And so it really is terrible debilitating pain that that really can stop… Continue Reading Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment (Face Pain) – Penn State Neurosurgery 5

(upbeat music) – Can you show me again the chest pain and the rib pain that you were having? – It’s right here. This whole part. – This whole thing? – Yeah. – Okay. – That’s actually pain this way. – Right over here? – Does it bother you when… Continue Reading HUGE, STABBING CHEST and RIB PAIN Helped By Gonstead Chiropractic

Now I’m fat I’m 85 kilograms So I’m going to lose weight we’ll see and get healthy okay do you want to turn to the side? okay I was always a chubby boy so everyone called me “pig” I accepted that I was fat and since I accepted that I… Continue Reading BODY TRANSFORMATION – THE LAST CHANCE – KOREA FITNESS MOTIVATION

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Hey everybody, it’s Herbie! Welcome to another edition of IT, Inspirational Therapy. Now today, we’re going to be talking about the importance of taking care of your body. Phew! Now…you only get one body in a lifetime. So, imagine if your body was a house. You wouldn’t want anybody to… Continue Reading Take care of your body

– [Narrator] UC Davis Health is now home to the first ever total body PET scanner. It’s called EXPLORER and it’s the first scanner of it’s kind in the U.S. It’s located at the Explorer Molecular Imaging Center on Folsom Boulevard in Sacramento opposite the UC Davis Health Midtown Clinic.… Continue Reading EXPLORER – The World’s First Total-Body PET Scanner

(light music) (light music) – I actually can pull my, thigh, pinch it and sometimes it feels better. – How tall are you? – 6’4″. – 6’4″, you’re probably… one of my taller and bigger patients. – Oh, okay. It’s right here. It’s on that side and it goes to… Continue Reading Large Man with Low Back Pain: FIXED by Chiropractic Care