[Natsuki] Chi-Chile. Oww! [Natsuki] F-F-Fuck! [Natsuki] FUCK! [Chris] His tooth filling just came out. [Chris] Hello Hello. [Natsuki] Hello! So today is an interesting, exciting even… nervous day. Nerve-racking day. Because we’ve got quite a few packages you guys have sent in. On to the new PO Box address that… Continue Reading Japanese Thoughts on European Sweets | Painful Unboxing

carry carry books hold hold a baby lift lift a box fold one’s arms rest one’s elbow on the table wash wash one’s hands wipe wipe the window hold hold a mobile raise raise one’s hand clasp, clench clench tightly grasp, hold hold the rail link, join hold hands scratch… Continue Reading Japanese Verbs by Body Part 1 | Arms Hands Fingers Nails

M: Hi ducky. S: Good morning, my love. M: So guys M: Had a real rough night last night. Did not sleep well at all. Just had a lot of body pain and… I told Simon today that I really want to make this video because I keep telling you… Continue Reading How I Deal with Chronic Pain

Today we are planning on filming something, but today is also a day in which Martina’s pain is a little bit unmanageable So I think now it’s a good opportunity for me to film something on my own I’ve received a bunch of emails from people who are spouses of… Continue Reading As a Spouse of Someone in Chronic Pain

Doctors find Hundreds of Gold needles in a Woman’s knees. A Really Incredible and Shocking News In South Korea, doctors examining an X-ray image of the knees of a woman were left dumbfounded when they discovered hundreds of tiny gold acupuncture needles in her tissue. The 65-year-old woman had been… Continue Reading Doctors Find Hundreds of Gold Needles in a Woman’s Knees- Shocking News !!!

Hello there this is Oran Kivity at Sayoshi.com with a warm hello to all practitioners of Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion whatever your style may be Today we’re going to discuss Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion from its origins in the past and its applications in the present and in the future.… Continue Reading Japanese Acupuncture Today – Episode 3 Harikyu Today

kotegaeshi pressure points – details USING PRESSURE POINTS – KYUSHO JITSU Studying pressure points and their effects can help you to increase your understanding and awareness of your own body-energy system as well as that of your partner. In the western world a system is often used where each acupuncture… Continue Reading KOTEGAESHI NERVENDRUCKPUNKTE, Aikido und Kyusho Jitsu, Chudan Tsuki, Teil 3, von Konstantin Rekk