Hi! I’m Cori from Koori Style And today I’ve a new video for you. This time I’ll try a kit I got as a B-day present from my dear friend Ivet ♥ She sent me this Daiso kit to make a cute Kitty with the “needle felting” technique (sorry for… Continue Reading 【Daiso Kit: Neko】 1st Time Needle Felting ^.^/♥ (Eng/Esp)

today we’re running through a full-body workout that you can do from absolutely anywhere because you don’t need any equipment so clear some space and let’s get started hey guys welcome back today I am in the beautiful countryside of Okayama Japan and I’m gonna run you through a full… Continue Reading 15 MINUTE full body Workout in JAPAN! // NO EQUIPMENT

This line here, the one connected to the neck – Iuse it often as a guide line I was wondering How did you decide this line here? In reality for the shoulder blades, when you raise the arms usually it will go up more till it’s diagonal Thank you for… Continue Reading Japanese Pro Advice|Drawing the Body (Rear View)

[Natsuki] Chi-Chile. Oww! [Natsuki] F-F-Fuck! [Natsuki] FUCK! [Chris] His tooth filling just came out. [Chris] Hello Hello. [Natsuki] Hello! So today is an interesting, exciting even… nervous day. Nerve-racking day. Because we’ve got quite a few packages you guys have sent in. On to the new PO Box address that… Continue Reading Japanese Thoughts on European Sweets | Painful Unboxing

carry carry books hold hold a baby lift lift a box fold one’s arms rest one’s elbow on the table wash wash one’s hands wipe wipe the window hold hold a mobile raise raise one’s hand clasp, clench clench tightly grasp, hold hold the rail link, join hold hands scratch… Continue Reading Japanese Verbs by Body Part 1 | Arms Hands Fingers Nails