If you saw our last lesson on psychotherapy you might be wondering: What happened to Bernice? Has she found a way to manage her depression? Is she still wracked with anxiety? Well it’s really nice of you to ask. And I’ll tell her you said, “hi.” But for our purposes… Continue Reading Biomedical Treatments: Crash Course Psychology #36

Crash Course Philosophy is brought to you by Squarespace. Squarespace: share your passion with the world. On September 13, 1848, a freak accident caused an explosion that drove an iron rod straight into the skull of a worker named Phineas Gage. A metal rod almost as tall as he was… Continue Reading Where Does Your Mind Reside?: Crash Course Philosophy #22

When Lauren was fifteen years old, her family moved across the country and she started going to a new school. Already shy, Lauren suffered from low self-confidence and had a hard time transitioning; nothing felt right and soon her changing body became a source of insecurity. Eventually, she began thinking… Continue Reading Eating and Body Dysmorphic Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #33

As we launch into our final segment of Crash Course Sociology, I’m sure one of the things that you’ve learned by now is that sociology touches on everything. It helps us understand every aspect of society – even those that we think are strictly personal, like religion, sex, and gender.… Continue Reading Health & Medicine: Crash Course Sociology #42

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday. So in last week’s video I said, “You’ll never guess where I’m going next.” And your lovely wife commented “It was a toss up between whether you were going to the dentist or the airport, honestly.” Well, the joke’s on you Katherine, because I’m at… Continue Reading On Pain

We’ve seen how, from around 400 BCE to CE 1300, ideas in astronomy, math, and engineering were traded all the way from Beijing to Delhi, and from Baghdad to Constantinople. In the next episodes, we’re going to dive into how some specific kinds of knowledge evolved over time. First up:… Continue Reading Ancient & Medieval Medicine: Crash Course History of Science #9