[MUSIC] Cervical spinal stenosis is narrowing of the cervical spinal canal, and that causes compression either on the spinal cord, which would cause a disorder called myelopathy, or compression on the nerve roots. [MUSIC] Problems with radiculopathy or compression of the nerve root will cause symptoms such as pain that… Continue Reading Cervical Spinal Stenosis | Q&A with Dr. Brian J. Neuman

[MUSIC] I got sick at 25 and my birthday was the following week and I honestly didn’t know if I would make it to 26.>>Blood clots don’t respect age, sex, race, ethnicity.>>One minute I was actually fine, laughing, joking, having a good time. The next minute, my breathing had changed… Continue Reading How Do I Prevent Blood Clots?

[MUSIC] So integrative medicine means taking a team approach to healthcare and that can be by bringing modalities that are different from what is typically a Western biomedical treatment. And that could be something like using massage or using meditation or using acupuncture in conjunction with those traditional therapies. In… Continue Reading Acupuncture | Q&A