[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Lisa Mondiello. And I am a registered nurse at Hospital for Special Surgery. And I take care of patients after they have had orthopedic surgery. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of joint disease in the world. I see, firsthand, the pain… Continue Reading Osteoarthritis Treatment

6 Alternative Treatments for Arthritis Pain Arthritis is a chronic disorder that causes inflammation, deformities, and stiffness in one or more of your joints. It’s a common ailment in older adults, although it some cases it can occur at a younger age. The most affected areas are the joints in… Continue Reading 6 Alternative Treatments for Arthritis Pain

(Music) Hi, my name is Tracy, and my latest issues that Dr. Jaudy has dealt with… There’s been some significant changes. The first change is I am finally off of every medication, pain medication, anxiety medication, with no side effects, no issues, and I have been on the medication for,… Continue Reading Migraines, Breathing Problems, Liver Problems – Tracey M

Hey, are achy joints and inflammation making you say no to training tough or doing the things that you love? If not skip this, for realsies. If so though you may be interested in this awesome gift for yourself that can take you from achy hell back to yes. Whether… Continue Reading Wrist Pain Relief | Wrist Compression Sleeve | CopperJoint

Hey, are achy joints and inflammation keeping you from training tough and doing the things you love? If not, skip this. I won’t be hurt. If so though you may be interested in this awesome gift to yourself that can take you from achy hell back to yes. Whether from… Continue Reading Foot Pain Relief | Compression Socks | CopperJoint

Hey there in this video let’s talk about hip pain when you cross your legs Hi welcome back this is Aw Boon Wei your exercise physiologist here to help you better understand your body so that you can improve in your health fitness and performance there are cases where people… Continue Reading Hip Pain – Crossing Legs (Folding Legs) | What are the muscles that is causing the pain?

Sarcoidosis is it’s an unusual disease where the lymph nodes get inflamed in the chest and it can involve other organs. But it’s a benign condition and a very good prognosis, very treatable. Because it’s a fairly uncommon disease, we have established a dedicated clinic to take care of patients… Continue Reading Sarcoidosis: Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment | Ohio State Medical Center

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