I had a chronic knee ailment. My legs used to ache. I was bedridden and for 1.5 years, I was not even able to cook. My daughter used to cook. After coming here, I did an Advance Course on your birthday for seven days and availed treatment from Panchakarma (Sri… Continue Reading Healing Experience At Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma | Art Of Living

you are welcome to my youtube channel apaka health guru today i am going to share with you about sujok therapy for knee pain you can also call sujok therapy to sujok seed therapy or sujok acupressure let us begin sujok therapy for knee pain for sujok therapy , you… Continue Reading SUJOK THERAPY for KNEE PAIN/Sujok SEED THERAPY For Knee Pain/Sujok Therapy POINTS For Knee Pain

This is Dr. Lam welcoming you to our discussion on Adrenal Exhaustion, Stage 3D, Near Failure. Just by way of brief review, there are 4 phases to Adrenal Exhaustion which is Stage 3 of AFS. And in Stage 3A, we have HPA Axis dysregulation, therefore resulting in hypoglycemia, low blood… Continue Reading Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome Stage 3D – Near Failure Preview

Hi my name is Hanadi. I’m the office manager here at Glenn Kazmierski’s acupuncture clinic in Santa Cruz, California. And I wanted to answer a few questions regarding insurance verification for our clinic. I get a lot of calls – people ask me whether health insurance covers acupuncture. And it… Continue Reading Is Acupuncture Covered By Insurance?

– In past videos, I’ve talked about being sort of nervous around needles, but I think I’m getting over that fear. What- oh, ah! (yelling) (beeping) So I’m just ready to get poked. (electric guitar music) – I’m so excited to announce that the Try Guys have a new family… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try Acupuncture