Hey, what’s up everybody? Today we’re going to learn how to eliminate sacroiliac joint pain. Alright! Here we go! To learn how to eliminate sacroiliac joint pain, we must first get familiar with the basic musculoskeletal anatomy and pathophysiology of the sacroiliac joints. The sacroiliac joints are located at the… Continue Reading How to ELIMINATE Sacroiliac Joint Pain!

Do you feel like all of your anatomy knowledge hinges on this tutorial? Maybe you’re worried that it won’t be plain sailing. But don’t be anxious, because we’re going to have a ball – and socket. Saddle up for our tutorial on the types of joints found in the human… Continue Reading Types of joints in the human body – Anatomy & Examples | Kenhub

30 Min Knee Exercises for Knee Pain Relief Knee Strengthening & Knee Stretches Knee Rehab Stretch

This next application is for ilotibial band pain by the knee, commonly seen in cycling and running injuries though also other overuse activities. For this application, the ideal position is to go ahead and lay on your side- this makes it easier to bring the leg down-placing the IT band… Continue Reading KT Tape: IT Band Pain

It’s important to know whether there’s any swelling of the knee joint if there’s any giving way of the knee joint, whether there’s any associated pain that’s going further down the leg, or if the pain is actually coming from another area and it’s actually around the knee that you… Continue Reading Why does my knee hurt? Common causes & symptoms of knee pain | BMI Healthcare

This application is for dorsal, or top of the foot pain. This may be from several causes- though here is a technique you can try. Positioning for this technique is actually placing the foot in full plantar flexion (I am just going to use a towel, rolled up) to allow… Continue Reading KT Tape: Pain on Top of Foot

Daughter: We want to make sure there’s no infection. TB: (gasps) D & P: What a big piece! What a big one! D: See, look at that. You’re pulling out a heck of a lot more that I did. (music) TB: It’s really coming out now. D: Yeah, that’s what… Continue Reading GOUT PAIN RELIEF-Removing Gout Crystals From a Baby Toe!!! COMPLETE TREATMENT!!!

This technique is for pain, usually just above the shoulder blade, and extending up into the neck This muscles is called a levator scapulae, it’s underneath the upper trapezius What I’m going to do is tear one piece I’m going to split that piece tearing down the perforations to the… Continue Reading KT Tape: Neck Shoulder Pain

transmission has occurred go in your program takes your stump kampf yes got a member of the family became down with recently fifty two-year-old fellow and immediately picked up that it was gal and he says that’s interesting my father had one of my brothers has a mala death and… Continue Reading How to Help Gout without Medicine