Being back at this table makes me sweat it does the meat sweat. Yeah Yeah, honestly, my right armpit is sweating out of control because guess what what it is bah I wasn’t so hungry for the last few months. Why have you not eaten? I do not have money.… Continue Reading Trying YouTubers’ Favorite Foods! (Cheat Day)

Now seeing you do this there is no reason you should ever do this at home like you shouldn’t do this at home This is a bad idea. I’m so sorry we ever do this to you Viv! I have a surprise for you! it better be a good one.… Continue Reading Eyelash Perm Redemption! (Beauty Trippin)

I feel like President Obama just like that. Right?? Hey guys, welcome back to Beauty Tripping you might notice we’re not in the car and that’s because last week We already filmed an episode here at tikkun holistic skin cares spa it’s a Med Spa and Lily got a ten… Continue Reading Trying the 24k Gold Korean Facial?!

There’s also dead skin on your mustache area IM DROWNING IN MY OWN SKIN Here we go, coffee in hand 4am. Well, it’s not 4am but it feels like it. We can do this, Jos. WHERE ARE WE GOING? I mean.. That’s ALWAYS the question. Its true. Okay, so Erin… Continue Reading First Time at a KOREAN SPA! (Beauty Trippin)

I didn’t even know all these things were possible in your body draining the face? oh yeah. I love draining faces. (Some pretty lit music) Let’s do this! This is a perfect day for a Beauty Trippin’. I know, I’m excited. Okay. -I wonder what we’re doing, though? Word on… Continue Reading Cellulite Removal?!? (Beauty Trippin)