Hi everyone. It’s Justine. You may already know my series about how to dress for your body type. In that series, I tackle the apple, the pear, the inverted triangle, the hour glass and the rectangle body shapes. Now some of you wrote to me and said “You know, I… Continue Reading How to style a curvy body shape (Plus Size body) | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, its Justine Body image is a topic We’ve been hearing a lot about more and more I feel we’ve never been as Obsessed with physical appearance as we are right now, and that’s the work of social media since I started in my youtube channel I’ve gotten to… Continue Reading On body image & self-esteem in a social media world | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. This video is for you if you want to wear skirts, but you wonder which ones are smart choices for your body type. So I will show you the different sorts, how to recognize them, and whom they’re good for. Once you’re done watching this video,… Continue Reading Find the perfect skirt for your body type | SKIRT GUIDE – SPRING FASHION | Justine Leconte