Body Parts in Swahili Internal Hello and welcome back to learning kiSwahili This time, this is part three of the body We are going to be talking about the body Inside the body=ndani ya mwili The human body=mwili wa binaadamu body of the son of Adam or child of Adam… Continue Reading 15. swahili body parts – Internal

Hello Welcome To Our Channel Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda Hello Welcome To Our Channel Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda. Before we proceed Please Subscribe Our Channel and press the bell icon. To get all the latest updates. Greetings Viewers Greetings Viewers. Welcome To Our Channel. So today we talk about. How… Continue Reading How To Cure Kidney Cyst Naturally | Polycystic Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda

Hello! Welcome to our channel, KIDNEY TREATMENT IN AYURVEDA Before we proceed, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get all the latest updates Welcome to everyone! I am Vishakha with you guys on the channel of Karma Ayurveda, where you can get all the information… Continue Reading Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney failure | Kidney Treatment in India | Say good Bye To Dialysis

-Welcome to National Kidney Day. I’m Dr. Ralph Clayman and I’m a Professor of Urology in the Department of Urology at the University of California, Irvine. My area of expertise is in kidney stones. I thought it might be helpful on this important day to share with you some important… Continue Reading Kidney stones — Symptoms, treatment and prevention

This episode is brought to you by the new podcast, “The Thread” with OZY. In July 1995, it became unusually hot in Chicago. The temperature hit 106 degrees, and the heat index which is like wind chill – how it feels to people, was 126 degrees. As mayor Richard Daley… Continue Reading WHY Low Salt Stresses the Body (Sodium, Hormones & Potassium)

Liver the liver is right inside your abdomen up under your ribcage and it’s very important to your health your liver is the largest solid organ in your body by the time you’re all grown up it will be about the size of a football the liver helps you by… Continue Reading Liver – Human Body Parts – Pre School Know Your Body – Animated Videos For Kids

Hello, I’m Dr. John Ree I wanna talk about a program that’s extremely helpful if you have kidney disease, impaired kidney function or if you’re on dialysis. Some time ago, blood tests of one of the dialysis patients shocked me. In few months, his creatinine went from 7,42 to 3,92,… Continue Reading How my patients avoid kidney dialysis – a natural treatment to reverse your kidney disease