Liver the liver is right inside your abdomen up under your ribcage and it’s very important to your health your liver is the largest solid organ in your body by the time you’re all grown up it will be about the size of a football the liver helps you by… Continue Reading Liver – Human Body Parts – Pre School Know Your Body – Animated Videos For Kids

Hello, I’m Dr. John Ree I wanna talk about a program that’s extremely helpful if you have kidney disease, impaired kidney function or if you’re on dialysis. Some time ago, blood tests of one of the dialysis patients shocked me. In few months, his creatinine went from 7,42 to 3,92,… Continue Reading How my patients avoid kidney dialysis – a natural treatment to reverse your kidney disease

Go to to enter the Science Awards contest and a chance to win a $10,000 college sponsorship, sponsored by BASF, THE chemical company. You know what’s better than a 3D-printed pizza? Nothing. Nothing in the world is better than a 3D-printed pizza. Sorry everyone else. Just pack up and… Continue Reading 3D Printed Body Parts Are Almost Here!

welcome to another MedCram lecture we’re going to talk about Sept raw or trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole this antibiotic is also known as Code triazole but the first thing that we have to know before we understand trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole as an antibiotic is one of the pathways to making this item down… Continue Reading Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim (Bactrim, Septra): Uses, Coverage, Dosage, UTI Treatment, Etc.

Ayurveda is hidden treat kidney Kidney failure does not eat such foods, which reduce the amount of salt phosphorus limited amounts of liquid to take things. Our two Kidney 1 minute 125 ml of blood from the body treatment that eliminates contaminants also inhibit the activity of this organ is… Continue Reading आयुर्वेद में छिपा है किडनी का इलाज || Ayurveda is hidden treat kidney || Ayurveda || kidney car

Captions are on! Click “CC” at bottom right to turn off. Follow the amoebas on Twitter (@amoebasisters) + Facebook! Have you ever heard the phrase, “I know this like I know the back of my hand!” Well it may make you question…do you really know the back of your hand?… Continue Reading Human Body Systems Functions Overview: The 11 Champions (Updated)