(upbeat music) – Hey guys, I’m Dr. Andy. Today we’re going to cover the biopsychosocial model of pain. The biopsychosocial model of pain is our current most advanced model that we use to describe pain that we experience all right? So it has three components. It has the the bio,… Continue Reading Why Do We Experience Pain Differently? – Your Burlington NC Chiropractor

Today I will talk about how to prevent body pain while cycling also at the end of the video I will share you small but effective tip to avoid direct strain on our body So watch this video till the end to get complete info. Coming up What’s up guys… Continue Reading HOW TO PREVENT BODY PAIN WHILE CYCLING

I’m Chris Grimsley I’m 34 years old and I’m a military veteran. I served in the Army from 2004 to 2008 and the 82nd airborne alpha battery ii 319 field artillery resident as a tactical data system specialist being in the airborne unit it’s it’s a little bit faster pace… Continue Reading Light for Veterans and Active Duty Military, relief is here.

My wife and I decided to start a company called Positive Action Rehab & Performance the reason why we wanted to start this company was to better help people to better facilitate people coming together and getting better whether they have back pain knee pain ankle pain shoulder pain any… Continue Reading GET RID OF PAIN and back to your active lifestyle

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you my top 10 seated hip and knee strengthening exercises. so let’s get started. If you haven’t already, make sure you hit the subscribe button down there. so I’m going to start off with some very simple strengthening exercises,… Continue Reading 10 Best Hip & Knee Pain Strengthening Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

How are you doing? I’m Dr. Bill Booker, and today we are going to be going over what we call functional bridge. The purpose of the bridge is to turn on primarily the glute medius muscle and the glute maximus. What we tend to find is most people with low… Continue Reading Lower Back Pain Exercises: Video 1 of 8

Hi guys My name is Yuliya– I am a physician and certified personal trainer focused on functional training programs, correct exercises and you are welcome to my channel. Very often we don’t think about such things as “Do I walk correctly?”, “What is the position of my feet?”, “My knee… Continue Reading You have a knee pain? This will help you!

I am Dr. Madhuri Sharma, my age is 77 years. I retired as a Deputy Director General Health Services from Ministry of Health. I had some problem regarding my knees I had some pain in while walking and getting up at the morning my knees used to be very stiff… Continue Reading Knee Pain Relief: Dr. Madhuri Sharma’s Success Story – Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Wellness, Vasant Vihar

Hello everybody. I want to show you some exercises to start strengthening the knee. Control your resistance with band tension, keep you heels closer to the floor, slow it down. Slow it down, keep your feet flat. In case of poor ankle’s mobility place a small podium under the heels.… Continue Reading 11 Knee rehab exercises for fix knee pain, strengthening after knee injury. Knee workout – Part 1