hi I’m here to just talk about my knee surgery replacement surgery my name is Zina in coming to performance for a year now I did some pre hab which strengthened the leg before the surgery muscles did the rehab which was great about 12 weeks prior to the surgery… Continue Reading Do you have knee pain? Thinking of getting a knee replacement?

Dad, Good seeing you last week. I should have followed my own advice. I told you to lock up your pills, but never locked up mine. Someone stole half the dog’s pain pills. I don’t know who took them. Only a few friends and family have been in the house.… Continue Reading It’s Important to Properly Store and Dispose of Pain Medicine

Here at Duke Orthopedics we’re looking for ways to help people who have some mild to moderate osteoarthritis that wanna be comfortable and active, and try to avoid an knee replacement or prolong that need as long as possible. These are mesenchymal stem cells where we take the cells from… Continue Reading Stem Cell Injections Treat Osteoarthritis, with Duke Sports Medicine Specialist Blake R. Boggess, DO

Have you ever wondered about what to do with arthritis, without having to do narcotics, or over-the-counter, or surgery? Have you ever heard of Prolozone Therapy? Because that’s what we’re going to talk about. Hello everyone Dr. Jason West, with some ideas about arthritis, about bone-on-bone arthritis, chronic knee injuries,… Continue Reading Knee Replacement vs. Prolozone Therapy – Natural Arthritis Treatment