knitting starts with one loop we make a loop go inside grab the working thread and we first loop formed we shift the spoke to the left hand into this loop and grab the working thread you formed a loop behind the back wall we put it on a knitting… Continue Reading Unusual Stitching Needles – Необычный наборный край спицами

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hello and on behalf of mehousa thank you for joining me for this review I am the budget knitter my name is Wil sparker if you haven’t seen my channel before welcome I am doing a needle review today on an amazing set and there’s actually another set that I’ve… Continue Reading Bulky Wooden Circular Needle Set by KnitPal(Mehousa)

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Welcome back to GoodKnit Kisses, I’m your host Kristen and today we are going to talk about the cable cast on. So grab your favorite yarn and needles and let’s get started. Today I’m working with Bernat Softee Chunky yarn and this is a bulky. It’s made for a size… Continue Reading Cable Cast On | Knitting on Needles (Closed Captions CC)

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