Next week I have a video coming out that is written for flexible double-pointed needles and sock pattern written four flexible double-pointed needles, also known as FlexiFlips. And I have a couple of other videos on FlexiFlips, and I’ll give you a link to those in the video description field… Continue Reading Knitting Help – Options for Flexible Double Pointed Needles

In this tutorial, we’re going to run through the techniques used in my new sock pattern written for flexible double-pointed needles. And really the techniques used in this sock pattern, you can use any kind of needles, you can use DPNs or nine-inch circulars or magic loops or whatever but,… Continue Reading Knitting Tutorial – Socks on Flexible Double Points (aka FlexiFlips)

Hello to all knitting lovers! I’m Mila. You’re on Knitting for everyone. Today I have prepared for you a lesson on knitting the actual, trend pattern of 2019 – a large grid. This grid turned out to me by trial and experiment, without any schemes. And of course I want… Continue Reading Крупная сетка спицами. Мой авторский узор. Часть 1

This week, we have a giveaway from Knitter’s Pride. I have two of their 16-inch circular Ginger sets to give away. These are really nice needles. I’m not just saying that. These have been my go-to needles since they’ve come out, the Ginger needles, in both 16-inch and the longer… Continue Reading Giveaway! Knitter’s Pride Ginger 16″ Needle Sets

-These are really beautiful. -These are my babies. -All four through nineteen of them. -Yes. They’re my babies. I love them. Hi everyone. I am very excited because I have a lot of knitting needles here. And I have someone by the name of Alexis. -Hello. -Hello. -of my two… Continue Reading These Knitting Needles are a Game Changer – Tea with Shira #50

*HOW to KNIT a RAGLAN SWEATER?* *PRINCIPLES on HOW to… for TOP DOWNS* Collar, yoke, body & arms… HOW MANY STITCHES to BEGIN with? ***For all projects*** You must FIRST refer to YARNTAG INFORMATIONS *You might click on the İ icon for a detailed tutorial* Here is a quick review:… Continue Reading REGLAN KAZAK YAPILIŞI (ÖRGÜ)

Introducing my new heart cable knit scarf pattern! Hello, I’m Kristen and welcome back to my channel STUDIO KNIT. My cable heart stitch pattern is really popular with you so I thought you’d enjoy a project pattern using this stitch and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re knitting… Continue Reading Heart Cable Knit Scarf Pattern 💖 Valentine’s Day Gift

In this video, I’m going to demonstrate CDD or Center Double Decrease. And it’s my guess that there must be at least one or two patterns out that use this decrease. One or two popular patterns, new patterns out that use this decrease because I had never heard of it… Continue Reading Knitting Help – CDD, or Center Double Decrease

Confused with cables, befuddled with braid? Join me and learn how to use this cable needle. I’m gonna show you how to knit this cabled headband it’s a fantastic free pattern by Patricia from the Morning whisper. Have a look at the other patterns from the Morning whisper they’re all… Continue Reading Knit Cables | How to knit the easiest headband