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Hello Everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide. Today we’re going to explore a natural means of inducing hallucinations – namely, the fascinating phenomena of hypnagogia – nature’s very own nightly hallucinatory wonderland. Better still, developing an interest and understanding of hypnagogic hallucinations is a vital step towards mastering lucid… Continue Reading HOW TO HALLUCINATE NATURALLY ✹ Trip Without Drugs ✹ Natural Alternative to DMT & LSD

You can get lifted doing the Wim Hoff Method? **** I need to try this! *Time slows down * What’s up everyone, if you’re burning flowers to get lifted, well then you’re doing it wrong and if you’re taking things, like this, to get lifted, well then you’re doing it… Continue Reading How To Get High | Wim Hof Method

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This is J. Krishnamurti’s 8th seminar with scientists at Brockwood Park, 1974. David Bohm: We’ll start with Dr Elizabeth Ferris. Perhaps we’ll try to make this meeting a short one – relatively so – since we’ve had another meeting in between. Elizabeth Ferris: I shall start also, as many people… Continue Reading Audio | J. Krishnamurti & Scientists – Brockwood 1974, Seminars – 8: Alternative medicine and holism

Hey, everybody! It’s Rob from Man Sewing and have I got a quick tip for you. That’s right. Today is needle knowledge time. And now, I must warn you, this is my personal opinion based on a lot of fact and a lot of experience. So, here we go. And… Continue Reading Needle Knowledge Quick Tip

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