meanwhile South Korea’s chief negotiator for discussions with Japan at the World Trade Organization says Seoul is mulling the possibility of pushing for the establishment of a panel at the WTO’s dispute settlement body if the two sides failed to find common ground on Tokyo’s exports curbs speaking to South… Continue Reading S. Korea’s negotiator says he could utilize WTO Appellate Body if Seoul, Tokyo fail to …

now ahead of the second round of talks between South Korea and Japan at the WTO regarding a dispute over Tokyo’s trade restrictions on South Korea Seoul’s top negotiator says he could consider pushing for the next step of the dispute settlement process if these talks don’t go well kim… Continue Reading S. Korea’s negotiator says he could utilize WTO Appellate Body if Seoul, Tokyo fail…

Hello, Is this your first time visiting? Oh, did you make an appointment? May I ask your name? Okay. You booked a laser treatment today? We will assist you right after Doctor.Dana is done with his early appointment while you wait over the couch. Help yourself with warm tea if… Continue Reading 피부과 레이저 시술 ASMR Dermatologist Laser Treatment ASMR l Laser Sounds

you’re not concerned, you’re just ignorant it’s no secret but I get a lot of unwarranted comments about my body by just existing here on YouTube, and on top of that I get to bear witness to comments about idols bodies even within my own comment section. frankly, it gets… Continue Reading Body-shaming in Kpop

A Dongseong Film Company Production The Body Confession Producer Jeong Byeong-jun Planning An Seung-jun Original novel Kim Mun-yeop Adaptation Jo Keung-ha Cinematography Kim In-yong Lighting Lee Byeong-jun Art director Hong Seong-chil Music Han Sang-ki Developing Kim Bong-su Recording Yang Hu-bo Effect Son Hyo-sin Editing Ji Hui-hwan Photograph Yang ki-zoo Starring… Continue Reading 육체의 고백(1964) / The Body Confession ( Yukche-ui Gobak )

HANDSOME MODEL HIGH TENSION MAN IM SO HAPPY COME HERE~ ACTING NORMAL ACTING NORMAL 2 MODEL’S CATWALK??+1 ACTING NORMAL 3 DANCE TIME 1 CHANGING CLOTHES The water is still too cold for anyone else but high tension man! MODEL’S CATWALK??+2 DANCE TIME 2 Where is he going lol MODEL’S CATWALK??+3… Continue Reading 호주여행에 미치다 What happens when three crazy Korean guys go on a road trip!!!

In a secluded log house miraculously held up by the wind   lives a stubborn old man and his daughter.   On foggy days the old man sees images of Mun-yeong and Su-ryeon as a married couple.   This is an image he conjures up to deal with the regret… Continue Reading 앵무새 몸으로 울었다(1981) / Parrot Cries with Its Body (Aengmusae mom-eulo ul-eossda)

Hi guys, it’s Iris here and we’re back with an episode of WishtrendTV vs. Acne If you haven’t checked our previous episode of vs acne comparing different types of acne patches Make sure you go check it out right here Does any of you guys want to wear off shoulders… Continue Reading Bad Shower Habits Causing Body Acne l Clear Body Skin Care Tips