There’s a lot of water on our planet. And it goes by a lot of different names. Gulfs and arroyos and fjords are all bodies of water. But each one represents something unique. So let’s try to understand them. Let’s start big. The ocean is the large saltwater body that… Continue Reading What the names for bodies of water mean

Hey everybody! Welcome to another episode of Dog Vlog. I’m mad and dissapointed. I’m dad mad. I’m disappoin-dad… in you. THEME SONG! FOR DOG VLOG STELLA THE STAR! Get a good look so you can get equally as pissed off as I am. She abandoned me for a flock of… Continue Reading Almost Lost My Dog In A Lake

To what extent is water capable of picking up information? what does it perceive? and how does it remember it overtime? The Aerospace institute has discovered a relatively simple way of making a structure of a drop of water visible. the researchers have had their efforts rewarded by insights into… Continue Reading The Memory of Water – h2o Remembers Everything | Love Nature