– Hello, my name is Yeong Kwok, and I’m a primary care internist and a recreational runner at the University of Michigan, and this is Anthony Pariano, who’s a marathon runner and also coach of the Huron High School cross-country team, and we are here today to talk to you… Continue Reading Dr. Yeong Kwok discusses knee pain

This next application is for ilotibial band pain by the knee, commonly seen in cycling and running injuries though also other overuse activities. For this application, the ideal position is to go ahead and lay on your side- this makes it easier to bring the leg down-placing the IT band… Continue Reading KT Tape: IT Band Pain

Gall Bladder 37 is located on the lateral side of the lower leg, 5 cun above the prominence of the lateral malleolus at the anterior border of the fibula.

Lung 1 is located on the lateral aspect of the chest in the first intercostal space 6 cun lateral to the midline 1 cun below and slightly lateral to Lung 2.

Bladder 28 is located 1.5 cun lateral to the centre line, level with 2nd posterior sacral foramen.

Xiyan is a pair of points in the two depressions medial and lateral to the patella ligament. These two points are called medial and lateral Xiyan. Lateral Xiyan is the same point as Stomach 35 (Dubi).