Hello, it’s Carol Chapman, and today, we are talking about the Manifestation Meditation and also Gungfu style tea. You might be wondering why these two – the meditation and the Gungfu style tea – are included in the same video. Well, it’s because, when I was doing the meditation, the… Continue Reading The Law of Attraction Daily Affirmation – a 40 Day Manifestation Meditation – Carol Anne Chapman

At Last – You Can Cure Your Neck Pain, Naturally… But Even Your Best Friend Might Keep This Simple New Technique A Secret! Now – Discover Why, And Start Feeling Relief In The Next 10 Minutes… Welcome, friend… Nigel Normanton here, from Yorkshire, England… You know, millions have already stopped… Continue Reading “How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain” – Crazy Fast Neck Pain Cure. Easy Energy Therapy – Try It Now…

Are you accepting pain and illness is your common everyday state? Are you telling yourself, “I guess I just have to learn to live with this?” I get it. It can wear you out dealing with pain and illness on a regular basis. Today I’m going to teach you three… Continue Reading How The Law Of Attraction Can Heal Pain & Illness

You can get lifted doing the Wim Hoff Method? **** I need to try this! *Time slows down * What’s up everyone, if you’re burning flowers to get lifted, well then you’re doing it wrong and if you’re taking things, like this, to get lifted, well then you’re doing it… Continue Reading How To Get High | Wim Hof Method

Carol: There is hope. Are you dealing with chronic physical pain on a daily basis or intermittent painful body issues? I get it. These 10 affirmations will powerfully open your energy to allow healing to occur. I’m Carol Tuttle, a teacher, and healer, best-selling author and one of the best… Continue Reading 10 Affirmations To Heal Physical Pain | Carol Tuttle

This is Rasa. Welcome to your meditation. Take a moment to ensure that you are in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Find yourself a comfortable position lying down. Once you are settled, close your eyes and place your hands on your belly. Begin by taking a… Continue Reading Complete & Gentle Body Scan • Guided Sensory Meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down where you can spend time for yourself relaxing, enjoying, discovering and being yourself! Gently close your eyes and take a few deep and slow breaths. Simply, flow with your deep and slow in-breath’85and, flow with your deep and slow… Continue Reading Complete Body Scan & Transformation | ‘The Desert Oasis’ Guided Meditation

Do you feel muscle aches? Are you tired and discouraged? These can be symptoms of stress. Stress is the body’s response to excess stimuli to our brain. Worries, anxiety, problems…any number of factors can bring on stress. There’s no specific treatment for someone who suffers from stress, but there are… Continue Reading Learn Alternative Therapies to Cope With Stress!

For me. You know, it’s good to be just do some simple Exercise okay in the sitting position Because we are a very simple if we understand a simple way is that? We are 70% water the same thing like Earth or [the] 70% of Ocean water and 30% of… Continue Reading HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CHI | Mantak Chia on London Real