Here we are, let’s do the 3rd training for the Beginning. Keep going harder yeah, don’t forget about that. Now we’re going to do Push-Ups 10 times. Let’s go. Let’s go. Perfect. Let’s start with Reverse Lunges Knees Up. So let’s go 10 times. Change your leg. We are going… Continue Reading IMPROVE STAMINA & ENDURANCE (Full Body Fitness) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

Hello, my friends Hello, my friends I’m so happy to see you Hello, my friends Hello, my friends Let’s go trick-or-treating Witches and ghosts Witches and ghosts Cowboys, pirates, and monsters Spiders and bats Spiders and bats Let’s go trick-or-treating Hello, my friends Hello, my friends I’m so happy to… Continue Reading Hello, My Friends | Trick-Or-Treating Song | Super Simple Songs

Hello I’m Chris and I’m Aaron Welcome to social disorder, the show where Chris and I set up elaborate social experiments and compete with each other for points. Have you ever been disposing of a dead body and wondered well, what would it be like if I did this in… Continue Reading Social Disorder – The Body Bag Experiment | Rooster Teeth

Mom, I can’t talk right now, I’m about to get hit in the dick! Ow! F*ck! Ayyyyy! *cough* Ayyyyy. Yo, good morning Logang! What’s popping? so it’s funny I just signed off yesterday’s vlog And now I’m gonna go workout so without talking too much lets do this lets do… Continue Reading I TOOK A SOCCER BALL TO THE… (worst pain ever) Feat. F2 Freestylers!

(Intro) (Intro) Lads Heyyy!!! Hey, What’s up lads. EVERY BODY drop all your shit and EVERY BODY drop all your shit And grab some Enderpearls And grab some Enderpearls I wouldn’t get more than the stack of sixteen Cause you’re just going to lose em Wait- Wait why Jeff? o_O… Continue Reading Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 45 – Thread the Needle | Rooster Teeth