Hey! My name is Gray, and welcome to my channel. So, today I want to talk about needle anxiety because it’s a very real thing, and if you are thinking about going on T, it can be a huge barrier to starting if you’re super nervous about giving yourself a… Continue Reading How to Overcome Needle Anxiety

EMBRACED IN PAIN There was a robbery at the shopping mall and your brother… My brother what? Your brother was murdered. My brother was… Everything to me. My strength, my reference… My role model… It’s true that sometimes we had our fights… But he was everything… To me. How is… Continue Reading Paulo & Miguel 21 Embraced In Pain (EN.ES.FR) TRAILER

Ripped inside, I smell a lot of blood Victim of fate, tell me where are you My way was lot, I don’t know where I am I break the mirrors and hurt myself I don’t know who I am, I don’t know where I’m going There is no way out,… Continue Reading Ferta – Painful (Official Music Video)

Oh Hi everyone , welcome to Kinda TV, the home of Carmilla with me, your host, your friendly neighbourhood Natasha and today’s very special guest *awkward introduction scene* N: it’s sounds like somebody’s… E: *whispering* Elise Bauman who plays Laura Hollis in… The Carmilla Mooooovie That’s right! We were in… Continue Reading TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE /w Elise + Natasha!!! | KindaTV

-Now, it is flu season right now. So, if any of you cough, I’m calling security. [ Laughter ] I’m just kidding. [ Laughter ] But I’ve noticed that here in L.A., when anyone gets sick, they have 17 different ways to fix it, and none of them are medicine.… Continue Reading Enough with the Crystals and Wellness Fads!

EMBRACED IN PAIN – No need to talk to me – Wait… – Stop stalking me! – Please Miguel, listen! I need to talk to you. – I have nothing to hear from you. – Miguel, please wait! Listen to me, please, it’s important. – Have you seen the news?… Continue Reading Paulo & Miguel 21 Embraced In Pain (EN.ES.FR.IT.DE.EΛ.SR.中文)

– Oh, hey little buddies. This is, She Said. A space where women talk about stuff, and I’m your host, Cameron Esposito, a woman. For the next few minutes, we here at She Said will have a not weird conversation about our bodies. A conversation I wish I’d been able… Continue Reading The Female Body is Awesome! (She Said w/ Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher)

– The beach is not a very safe space. Anyone can relate to feeling uncomfortable on the beach. Men, women, queer, otherwise. And it’s also a very gendered space, like the moment you put your toes in the sand you know it and you feel it and you know that… Continue Reading Whose Body Is a Beach Body Anyway? The Woman Redefining Swimwear

Body image is all about a person’s self-esteem.And once you get over that massive hurdle of trying to come out,the next stage is trying to figure outhow in the world you’re going to fit into this brand-new community that you find yourself in.And this will often start with how you… Continue Reading The Search For The Perfect Body | Queer Britain – Episode 2

So, how can I make a video about this without it sounding THAT problematic? Hey guys, how are you? Great? That’s awesome! So, religion exists… There we go. It exists. It is a thing that people do on their free time. Back in my religious day, whenever we would go… Continue Reading BATHING IN THE BODY AND BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST FOR THE FIRST TIME