– [Mayhem] Y’all know him as Eugene, honey, but you gonna get a taste of the one and only Cheyenne Pepper! (crowd cheers) – [Man] Oh, this is cunt, bitch. – [Cheyenne] I’ve never had hips like this. ( techno music playing) – [Cheyenne] You host, you greet, and then… Continue Reading Eugene Performs Drag In His First Local Show

Today I am talking about boundaries. Now many of you have reached out to me and said that you have struggled to put up healthy boundaries with people in your life. Now, why do we even need boundaries? Many of us have people in our lives who treat us poorly,… Continue Reading Personal Boundaries: 5 ways to teach people how to treat us properly! | Kati Morton

welcome dr. Bliss thank you very much how are you very well thank you dr. bliss is my doctor because I add a lot of pain back pain and a lot of illness also I have ministry I have gone to many hospital and doctors I took a lot of… Continue Reading LINES ON FOREHEAD MEANING / YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE / YÜZÜNÜZ HAYATINIZDIR

Hello, hello. (sigh) I’ve been having a time! Alright, so there was this article and I’ll link it below… about a woman who parked in a handicap spot and walked into a grocery store came out and found a sign that said “FAKER” on her car. She then went to… Continue Reading What Do You Think Disabled People Look Like? [CC]

Today we’re gonna try this acupuncture mat because why not? I’ve never done real acupuncture before, so I don’t have anything to compare this too, but from what I understandit’s about acupressure. This mat comes with a bunch of of plastic little spikes, and they are pretty sharp ow. Like… Continue Reading Shakti Acupuncture Mat Review [CC]

Hello, hello! Ever seen one of these before? I’m pretty sure you have. It’s a snuggie. And if you have had a television or seen advertising at all you are probably familiar with their ads which kind of look like this: [OFF SCREEN] Oh no! It’s cold and if I… Continue Reading Laziest Items on the Market [CC]

I’ve never been more emotionally stressed in my life I just worry about your sanity and ability to do it all You gotta think this is the most expensive coming out video ever. When I told my parents it was shocking. Everything’s closing in on you. We’re running out of… Continue Reading Why I’m Coming Out As Gay