– Hey, guys! I’m Spencer Pratt. I used to be an angry dude, but now I’m zen as (bleep). This new me is the result of finding a way to set my mind, body, and soul on the right track. And now it’s your turn. I’m Spencer Pratt, and I’m… Continue Reading Trying Laughter Therapy w/ Zane and Heath 😂 | Spencer Pratt Will Heal You 🔮| MTV

Translator: Sarah El_Gayyar Reviewer: Marta Palacio Today, right here, right now, I’m facing my 100th fear. (Applause) It all started when I was doing my master’s degree in Branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. And Debbie Millman, the director and founder of the program asked… Continue Reading 100 days without fear | Michelle Poler | TEDxHouston