well hello welcome back to my channel! Jashana here to talk about some friggin books, that I already fucking talked about. So I filmed my faves and least faves tier ranking videos last weekend and edited and uploaded the least faves one–I’ll have it linked above, if you care–and then… Continue Reading Favorite Books Tier Ranking List || take two. (in a migraine-induced fog) [CC]

-These are really beautiful. -These are my babies. -All four through nineteen of them. -Yes. They’re my babies. I love them. Hi everyone. I am very excited because I have a lot of knitting needles here. And I have someone by the name of Alexis. -Hello. -Hello. -of my two… Continue Reading These Knitting Needles are a Game Changer – Tea with Shira #50

Welcome to JustBu! So to start off I’ve already gone ahead and installed quite a bit of the hair and I’m just using a really small crocheting hook and I’m taking a little bit of the hair but I’m making they’re not too small so I’m making them bigger at… Continue Reading HOW TO:CROCHET A WIG USING A LATCH-HOOK NEEDLE!!!

KHLOE: Hello. SHAYLA: What? Woo, it’s happening. KHLOE: Surprise. SHAYLA: What? Girl (Indistinct) So I know you did some DNA testing. Yes, I did. And these are your DNA results. [ bleep ]. Man. SIMONE: So what is it saying, that you’re 78% West African? – That’s a freaking… –… Continue Reading Khloé Kardashian Surprises Shayla With Her DNA Results | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!

oh my god…. I heard it, I heard it over my whole body. There was an earthquake inside my neck. Hi guys, this is jelly couple. Today we are getting a really really special treatment at the chiropractor, and I’m not alone today. I’m with my friend… Chelsea hi, guys.… Continue Reading 뼈소리 실화?! 한국에서 짜릿한(?) 척추교정 제대로 경험한 외국인 반응!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ l ENG CC

Hello friends welcome to my love channel youtube channel. Basic technical information for those who want to learn handcrafts on my channel I will try to share handcrafted models and more as much as I can. I hope you will like it. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE Notifications (RING) to be… Continue Reading GELİNLER YAPACAK ELTİLER BAKACAK ÇOK GÖSTERİŞLİ AĞIR İĞNE OYASI MODELİ 25.01.2020

(screaming) – Oh my God. – Oh my God! Don’t cry. – Don’t cry! (laughing) – What’s good Sands Fam. – It’s your girl Ken. – And your boy Tex. – Welcome back to our channel. If you guys are new here, stop what you’re doing and subscribe. We, would,… Continue Reading TELLING OUR PARENTS WE’RE HAVING A BABY! (Emotional)

(upbeat music) – Can you show me again where you’re having the headaches? – Here. On both sides. – It’s on both sides? – Yeah. – It goes from here, and it goes up and over that way? How long have you had this for again? – 20 years. –… Continue Reading 20 Years of Migraines Improved with Gonstead!

I shake it, I shake I shake it, I shake it all on you I shake it, I shake it, I shake it, ooh I shake it, I shake it, I shake it, ooh I shake it, I shake it, I shake it, ooh I shake it, I shake it… Continue Reading Charli XCX – Shake It (Lyrics) feat. Big Freedia, CupcakKe, Brooke Candy & Pabllo Vittar

Hey, no, I don’t just do think you guys know me I don’t do things for memes I do them for content, you know if I can’t make content of it. I don’t fucking do it. All right So you’re saying you filmed it I Knew a guy in Middle… Continue Reading Lily Likes The Pain | jake does a forsenWC | Japan Trip For Kimi For WHAT??? | Offline TV Highlights