I have a very special guest today and she and I are going to talk about body image! So stay tuned. There we go. So, like I said, today I’m going to talk about body image and I have an amazing special guest! Her name is Ashley Mardell. Hey there!… Continue Reading What is Body Image? ft Ashley Mardell – Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

I fell in love with Game of Thrones at first sight. You know the reasons. Like you, I was seduced by the breadth and detail of its world, enamored by the nuanced characters and their moral complexity. Its commitment to bucking fantasy tropes enthralled me, and as a writer, it… Continue Reading Game of Thrones; Or The Pain Of Falling Out Of Love With A Story

All right, hello! We are here with really bad lighting, and we have Dylan down in the corner. He’s down there eating an apple. Don’t worry. He doesn’t eat the core of the Apple. We have like random cores of apples sometimes like in his, well . . . he’s… Continue Reading Migraine + Chronic Illness Update | 2019 | Kendra Winchester

LAST TIME ON JOURNEY TO THE WEST: Uh, let’s see… Everyone got kidnapped, Monkey killed the two guys who did it and got a lot of swag, but then he had to give up the swag, and also the two guys weren’t dead after all, but at least the kidnapping… Continue Reading Legends Summarized: The Journey To The West (Part VI)