Hi I’m Bronnie Lennox Thompson and my pain story is quite long-standing. Back when I was about 21, patient and I did a tango in a doorway and he was bigger than me, and I landed underneath him and that’s when my back pain started. It was about two or… Continue Reading How Can You Live Well with Chronic Pain?

– [Announcer] Previously on Can We Cure. – I mean, I am going away for two weeks, essentially just Lara and I, on what’s supposed to be a life-changing trip. Ninety-one dollars. Just to be comfortable. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Alright so, we are here at the is it just… Continue Reading Living With Chronic Pain In A Relationship

You don’t think about your body, unless it goes wrong. I mean, a normal person isn’t aware of their legs, because they just say: “Right, walk!” You know. Their brain tells them to walk and they walk. Whereas, when you are in pain, you are aware of them all of… Continue Reading Struggling to be me with chronic pain