Friends, in accordance with the demands coming from you, we are starting to work today’s kilim woven necklace this work has a process that requires time and patience consider this I think the explanations I made during the study will help you therefore, I suggest watching the video from beginning… Continue Reading Kilim dokuma kolye -Full- (Weaving with needle necklace technique full version)

knitting starts with one loop we make a loop go inside grab the working thread and we first loop formed we shift the spoke to the left hand into this loop and grab the working thread you formed a loop behind the back wall we put it on a knitting… Continue Reading Unusual Stitching Needles – Необычный наборный край спицами

assalamu’alaikum crochet’s friends meet again with my channel Sulis Setiowati and this tutorial about Fatima crochet bag and don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment because it’s encouraging me to make the next crochet bag’s tutorial bismillahirrphmanirrohim for this tutorial I use a polyester yarn and hook with a size… Continue Reading Crochet || Fatima Crochet Bag || subtitles available

Welcome to my channel “Gülümseten Marifetler” İn Today’s knitting narration. Knitted with two skewers The easiest, most practical As well as stylish dowry and a booties boot model that will suit your feet very much I will share with you. I hope you like it and we do it all… Continue Reading Çeyizlik kolay bot patik modeli yapımı İki şiş ile bayan bot patik modelleri yapılışı Örgü Bot patik

assalamu’alaikum crochet’s friends meet again with my channel, Sulis Setiowati and this tutorial about how to make Zahra crochet bag bismillahirrohmanirrohim the yarn which I’m going using for this time is polyester yarn while the hook from rose the size is 3/4 and the one I use is size 3… Continue Reading Crochet || Zahra tas rajut || subtitles available

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This video is supported in part by Skillshare. [Intro music] Hello and welcome back to my channel! My name’s Annika, and today I’m going to be reviewing something that a lot of you have asked me to review… this so called magic embroidery pen. Now it has been touted as… Continue Reading Trying the “MAGIC EMBROIDERY PEN” – does it work? | Embroidery Pen Review

Here are the notation symbols used for knit, tuck and miss loop. there is a looping diagram shown in the left side from this we will find the notation let’s start from the first course here at first it is knit knit knit and knit. Because in first course all… Continue Reading Needle arrangement, Cam arrangement & Notation of Knitted Single Jersey Fabric ||School Of Textiles