– The beach is not a very safe space. Anyone can relate to feeling uncomfortable on the beach. Men, women, queer, otherwise. And it’s also a very gendered space, like the moment you put your toes in the sand you know it and you feel it and you know that… Continue Reading Whose Body Is a Beach Body Anyway? The Woman Redefining Swimwear

Basically, I was having migraines, so I had everything checked, and it was my orthodontist who told me to go to Dr. Walline. Immediately, he did all the tests, and right from the get-go, he told me, “You need surgery.” I needed the bi-jaw, because I had an underbite. Dr.… Continue Reading Jaw Surgery in Los Angeles CA: Alex | Los Angeles Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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so I’ve been getting migraines since pretty much as long as I could remember ever since about junior high and I would get them really consistent consistently really regularly and everyone in my family also had migraines my mom my grandmother all the women and the side of my family… Continue Reading ASMR wellness center migraine relief in Santa Clarita Los Angeles.

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– [Mayhem] Y’all know him as Eugene, honey, but you gonna get a taste of the one and only Cheyenne Pepper! (crowd cheers) – [Man] Oh, this is cunt, bitch. – [Cheyenne] I’ve never had hips like this. ( techno music playing) – [Cheyenne] You host, you greet, and then… Continue Reading Eugene Performs Drag In His First Local Show

(squeaking) (jazzy music) – I’ve never been to the spa. – I’m expecting lots of nudity from what I’ve heard. – The closest I’ve gone is having my head massaged when I went to get a haircut. – I had a friend do it once and she told me, “Girl,… Continue Reading People Get Korean Body Scrubs For The First Time

[MUSIC PLAYING] Frequently, my back pain was so severe, and it was difficult to lie down. It was difficult to get up. So I think over the years, the pain began to exacerbate before I began to do anything about it. Tai Chi was a mystical and strange subject. And… Continue Reading Back Pain: How One Veteran Found Relief | Consumer Reports

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