Hey my loves wel’come back to my channel I’m Jane and if you’re new please subscribe to join the family I’m turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss all my workouts. So today we’re doing a low impact fat burning workout and don’t get it twisted it’s going… Continue Reading CALORIE BURNING CARDIO WORKOUT| Full body Low Impact Fat Burning|Beginner friendly~Janekate Fitness

Fasting is the new fad, and if you check numerous forums where people talk about their fasting experience you’ll find it has helped a lot of people lose weight. You’ll see people talking about how they tried all kinds of diets: low-carb, the keto diet, low fat, reduced sugar, all… Continue Reading What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Eat (Fast)

Dr. Mindy here and I wanted to create a video for those of you that are either about to start a longer water fast or you’re in the middle of a water fast and maybe you’re losing some momentum maybe you’re trying to remind yourself why you’re fasting again so… Continue Reading What Happens to Your Body When You Fast – Hour by Hour Breakdown

hello my friends do you want to create your dream body well you can absolutely transform your body you have total control to do this now in this video I’m going to teach you five steps to get your dream body so stay tuned number one you need to create… Continue Reading How To Create Your Dream Body (5 Steps)

I gotta a kind of a personal question for you? Um, Are you an ectomorph? Or an endomorph? Or, perhaps, you’re a lucky mesomorph? Nah, I’m not implying you’re an space alien or something! It’s just that every single person has a specific body type, and knowing yours can be… Continue Reading The Best Workout for Your Body Type

So… today I am a fat fitness professional I swear to god I even have a six pack somewhere Buried underneath the fat Ok this is officialy a bit weird Hey! I know how embrassing it can be I mean it jiggles everywhere it jiggles when I go for a… Continue Reading Weight Loss Body Transformation – (35 days) before and after results

a person is said to be obese when he or she is overweight with excess of fat accumulation in the body sedentary lifestyles high consumption of processed food impaired metabolism and genetic factors all contribute to a person becoming obese but do not ignore obesity as it can lead to… Continue Reading Obesity – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Loss

No diet no exercise way to lose weight in the midst of a strict diet or grueling workout we’ve all wondered isn’t there another way less miserable option there might very well be or at least the way to boost your results according to new research and it’s all about… Continue Reading No Diet, No Exercise Way To Lose Weight

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