If you suffer from back pain or know anyone that does, then this video is a must watch. I am going to be covering the fundamentals of the spine and giving you three key rules to keep in mind whenever you’re exercising to keep your spine safe and most importantly… Continue Reading Low Back Pain Prevention Through Spine Safety

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you five simple treatments for back pain. so let’s get started. so the first one is just gonna be a simple pelvic tilt. pelvic tilts are great for the spine, for the low back, just to get everything loosened… Continue Reading 5 General Back Pain Relief Treatments – Ask Doctor Jo

(upbeat music) – Please show me. – I feel it right here. – Okay. – And it kind of radiates down this way. Right now it stops up here. – Okay, but it’s – But when I’m standing, it goes about halfway down my calf. – Halfway down your calf?… Continue Reading RADIATING PAIN Following Auto Accident HELPED with GONSTEAD Chiropractic

hey everyone is your personal trainer coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 25 Min Lower Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches for Lower Back Strengthening Rehab now this video is a remake of one of our all-time most popular workouts and that video helped thousands… Continue Reading 25 Min Lower Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches for Lower Back Strengthening Rehab

There are several major types of low back injuries that we have. Sacroiliac sprains are one of the common ones. When people describe a sharp stab right here and they point to this spot – many people call it their knob or the kind of hip area – that part… Continue Reading Sacroiliac Sprains Are One Of The Causes Of Low Back Pain

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Hi, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women, and today we’re going to discuss safe ab exercises if you have back problems. Okay, so the very first exercise that we want to discuss is crunches for the abs. As we know, a lot of back problems can come… Continue Reading 5 Safe Ab Exercises for Low Back Pain (DO THIS, NOT THAT!!)

(light music) (light music) – I actually can pull my, thigh, pinch it and sometimes it feels better. – How tall are you? – 6’4″. – 6’4″, you’re probably… one of my taller and bigger patients. – Oh, okay. It’s right here. It’s on that side and it goes to… Continue Reading Large Man with Low Back Pain: FIXED by Chiropractic Care

Hi, I’m Dr. Jon Saunders, owner at Chiropractic on Eagle here in Newmarket, and I just want to thank you for clicking on the video. If you’ve clicked on the video, though, I’m going to make an assumption: a) you’re in pain and want to get out of pain, or… Continue Reading 4 best exercises for low back pain by Newmarket Chiropractor