Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn here from CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin Texas and today I want to go over something that recently happened to me it’s my case study… about three weeks ago, maybe four weeks ago now on a Sunday I was moving a dishwasher… Continue Reading How Do I Get Out Of Bed With Back Pain? Log Roll Technique For Back Pain

Hi. I am Dominic Petrilli a former back pain sufferer and the founder of FLOBAX. FLOBAX is a 100% natural supplement created to help alleviate and control chronic back and joint pain. FLOBAX contains natural bio-chemical components and minerals combining the best known anti-inflammatory, circulatory and analgesic agents. Coming up… Continue Reading Flobax Collagen – Back Pain Relief – Introduction

Hello, Everyone. My name is Kochi. Japanese Shiatsu massage therapist and Kochi Shaitsu massage Method®Japan School teacher. thank you for viewing today’s Kochi Method video lecture. Today’s theme is on the Gluteus Medius muscle. This muscle is in the buttocks. The Gluteus Medius is important because it has significant effect… Continue Reading 【Lower back pain SHIATSU】Gluteus medius point – Kochi Method

This simple exercise works the gluteus medius muscle of your hip if it’s really weak! Start by leaning your forearm into the wall and have your outside hip flared out. With your inner core engaged and your posture tall flex your inside knee up to your chest . Start by… Continue Reading Sacro Iliac Joint pain: Gluteus Medius vs Wall

Today I will talk about how to prevent body pain while cycling also at the end of the video I will share you small but effective tip to avoid direct strain on our body So watch this video till the end to get complete info. Coming up What’s up guys… Continue Reading HOW TO PREVENT BODY PAIN WHILE CYCLING

Welcome. Come on in. Grab your tea…coffee. Make yourself comfy. I’m Bonnie Yost. I’m a physical therapist, speaker, and author who helps people transform physical limitation and deep internal and relational pain into profound potential so that they can live in joy and vibrant health! Today I’d like to share… Continue Reading Is This Physical Fault The Root of Your Pain? 😵

Next Revolved Abdominal Pose bring both arms out to the sides ninety degrees to your body pull your feet off the floor glue your legs together almost as though you only have one leg and then twist your lower body so that your knees tap down close to your elbow… Continue Reading Lower Back Pain Relief Exercise: Revolved Abdominal Pose | Yoga Tune Up

Hey, what’s up guys Scott Herman here from muscularstrength.com now Whether you’re doing deadlifts squats Overhead pressing rowing or even curling many of you are finding it difficult to lift heavy weights or increase the intensity of your workouts because of lower back pain But that doesn’t necessarily mean that… Continue Reading Fix Lower Back Pain In 2 EASY STEPS! (INSTANT RELIEF)