hey everybody it’s doctor Jo and Gamecock Kali, and today we’re gonna show you seven stretches for your back when you can’t get on the floor. so let’s get started. so a lot of you often ask, “how am I supposed to do these stretches? I can’t get on the… Continue Reading Seated Back Pain Relief Stretches

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you five ways to relieve back pain. so let’s get started. so I’m going to start off lying down. if you can’t get on the floor, that’s okay you can do these on your bed or a couch. so… Continue Reading 5 Back Pain Relief Treatments

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn here from CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin Texas and today I want to go over something that recently happened to me it’s my case study… about three weeks ago, maybe four weeks ago now on a Sunday I was moving a dishwasher… Continue Reading How Do I Get Out Of Bed With Back Pain? Log Roll Technique For Back Pain

Hi. I am Dominic Petrilli a former back pain sufferer and the founder of FLOBAX. FLOBAX is a 100% natural supplement created to help alleviate and control chronic back and joint pain. FLOBAX contains natural bio-chemical components and minerals combining the best known anti-inflammatory, circulatory and analgesic agents. Coming up… Continue Reading Flobax Collagen – Back Pain Relief – Introduction