Namaskar Sir. Namaskar I welcome both of you to Planet Ayurveda. What are your names? Sir, my name is Ramswaroop, I am from district Mathura in UP. And what about you sir. Sir my name is Devdutt and I am also from district Mathura. What relation you both have with… Continue Reading How to Cure Hepatitis B, Liver cirrhosis, Ascites & Edema? – Alternative treatment

Namaste sir. Namaste I welcome you all to the Planet Ayurveda Centre. Thank you. What is your name sir? Gorachand bhattacharya. And what’s your name sir? Radha Bhattacharaya What’s your name sir? Neeraj Bhardwaj. From where have you come sir? Kolkata Who was the patient of Hepatitis B among you?… Continue Reading How can Hepatitis B be Cured? – Alternative treatment

assalamu alaikum this channel is discussed only on homeopathic medicine and the symptoms of the disease please see the end of each video of this channel you subscribe to the channel so that you get every new video immediately homeopathy for ovarian cysts ovarian cysts of fluid-filled sacs or pockets… Continue Reading OVARIAN CYSTS HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT

Hello friends,Welcome to my channel,I am doctor Ritu Jain. I am a homeopathic consultant and today today I am going to talk about LYCOPODIUM.So letus start talking about LYCOPODIUM. Specially today I am going to talk about about it’s constitution because this medicine isa deep acting constitutional medicine. so what… Continue Reading Lycopodium Homeopathic Medicine | lycopodium 30 , lycopodium 200, Uses & Symptoms