hi everybody my name is Sherri and I am the lead host for the Invisible Disabilities Community on Inspire so you will see the community right here this is Inspire and the group is brought to you by the Invisible Disabilities Association which is a nonprofit organization that reaches out… Continue Reading How to Post | Invisible Disabilities Community | Support Group

My name is JP Saleeby, I’m a physician. I had a career in emergency medicine and currently I am the Director and Founder of Carolina Holistic Medicine. Which is a functional medicine practice in holistic and integrative medicine. Conventional medicine is what most Americans understand as Western Medicine. Basically, you… Continue Reading An Indroduction to Dr Saleeby at Carolina Holistic Medicine

– It’s all word of mouth that people call and text and it usually starts with a question. If you ever work with Lyme disease, that’s a common one. Now Wyoming has Lyme disease. But it’s a different species of Lyme organism than we have in New England and California.… Continue Reading Herbal Relief of Lyme Disease

Dad, Good seeing you last week. I should have followed my own advice. I told you to lock up your pills, but never locked up mine. Someone stole half the dog’s pain pills. I don’t know who took them. Only a few friends and family have been in the house.… Continue Reading It’s Important to Properly Store and Dispose of Pain Medicine

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I’m here with Zoli, the owner of the Holistic Bio Spa. Zoli, can you please tell me a little bit about your business? Okay. Thank you for coming by Carly. I would say that we’ve been here in Puerto Vallarta for eighteen years and we are in this beautiful part… Continue Reading What We Do At Holistic Bio Spa: Alternative Medicine in Mexico

“I was always a healthy person. Always in the gym. Still am, when I can. And anytime something came up, I was apt to see a doctor because I always wanted to make sure I was healthy. That’s the gold of life. That’s better than any wealth you can have… Continue Reading Feeling Worse After Treatment? Maybe It’s Not Lyme Disease

Cześć, witajcie na dzisiejszym vlogu. Wezmę Was dzisiaj do Poznania. Niedawno byłam w Poznaniu, to jest dość duże miasto, trzy godziny, stąd, z Warszawy. Więc pojechałam tam żeby sprawdzić moje zdrowie. I jak wspomniałam chyba już gdzieś wcześniej to miałam boreliozę, i teraz już jestem całkowicie wyleczona, albo na tyle… Continue Reading Bioresonance therapy//Lyme disease//Health trip to Poznań//#VLOG3

13 weeks ago I had many of the symptoms of Lyme disease including muscle fatigue, hay fever, bullseye, rash and which resulted in several discomforting long-term issues, including a lot of pain in my left shoulder that was hard to describe but chronic really felt like an infection and then… Continue Reading Lyme Disease Treatment with JoyTherapy ( Holistic Medicine)