Hello, and welcome to lecture number 14, our series on drugs and human behavior. Today we’re going to be talking about treating bipolar disorder. This is a particularly difficult, oftentimes, disorder to treat, because oftentimes people who have bipolar disorder, while they really hate the depressive parts of it, they… Continue Reading Treating Bipolar Disorder

Hey everybody. Thanks for checking back. Today we are going to talk about the five common misconceptions about Bipolar Disorder. So stay tuned. So like I said. Today we are going to talk about the five misconceptions about Bipolar disorder. Now the first one is that there are only manic… Continue Reading 5 misunderstandings about Bipolar Disorder – Kati Morton treatment therapy anxiety mood stabilizers

At 68, Linda Bohnen has spent decades not being able to work, travel or enjoy simple pleasures. She is essentially housebound. Worse, she is trapped inside her depression and anxiety. I’ve had depression on and off most of my life but it’s been mostly on for the past thirty odd… Continue Reading North American first: Researchers investigate safety of focused ultrasound to treat depression

Hi. I’m Veronica. Part of my experience living with depression is learning and accepting that one type of treatment isn’t enough. When I was first diagnosed, I started going to therapy about once a week. And after a few sessions, I was really frustrated that I was still having negative… Continue Reading What is the Best Depression Treatment?