[Aurea Carmina music] Greetings my lovelies. Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another vintage gadget test. Today, I’ll be testing this little gem. And this is called the Electric Egg Scrambler. What you’re supposed to do is take this egg and pierce it with this needle. This needle then spins… Continue Reading 1970s ELECTRIC Egg SCRAMBLER – a spinning needle egg beater | VINTAGE Does it Work?

This video is supported in part by Skillshare. [Intro music] Hello and welcome back to my channel! My name’s Annika, and today I’m going to be reviewing something that a lot of you have asked me to review… this so called magic embroidery pen. Now it has been touted as… Continue Reading Trying the “MAGIC EMBROIDERY PEN” – does it work? | Embroidery Pen Review

measure the length of the blouse / shirt then measure the doll’s neck to make a pattern and the measurement for the neck this should be enough for you to determine the size of the blouse I have include the measurements in centimeter on the paper cut the pattern out… Continue Reading CUTE DOLL CLOTHES | HOW TO MAKE CLOTHES FOR DOLLS ( FREE PATTERN)

You know the Shaolin monks? The guys that kick each other’s in the balls as a sign of self-control? Well, my monks’ friends have another test to prove their ultimate mastery: make a hole in a pane of glass by throwing a sewing needle through it. Since this skill looks… Continue Reading Throwing A Needle Through Glass Like A Shaolin Monk Martial Art Master? #challenge #test

Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi! This is Megan with Beadaholique.com and today I’m going to show you How to Choose the correct needle for your bead work projects it’s a little bit of a overview of the most common types of needles… Continue Reading How to Choose Needles for Your Beading Project

How to make Mameshiba Material I rounded the cotton I wrap the brown You rounded I will make the ear I want to triangle Connect I stuck the white I will create a ledge of the nose and mouth I will make a cheek I will make a nose I… Continue Reading ちまちま羊毛フェルト#13豆柴犬の作り方-Needle Felting

Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel. My name is Anastasiya. Today I’d like to show you another New Year pattern – such a snowflake with seed beads. It turned out to be rather big. Most likely I’ll make it more firm and will use it as decoration for my… Continue Reading Needle tatting. Snowflake. Earrings, brooch, pendant/Фриволите иглой. Снежинка. Серьги, брошь, кулон

hi and welcome to Darvanalee Designs Studio my name’s Nicole Reed and today we’re going to make this cute little sewing machine needle organizer so let’s get started okay so there’s just a few things that you need to do first you need to head over to our website and… Continue Reading How to make a Sewing Machine Needle Organiser

Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel. My name is Anastasiya. Today we are going to make a bracelet matching the earrings that we tatted in the previous video. For that we will need: a long needle with a narrow eye, a crochet hook, scissors, a needle threader, 2 metal… Continue Reading Beginner needle tatting. Bracelet DIY / Фриволите иглой для начинающих. Браслет

Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel. My name is Anastasiya. Today I’d like to show you how to make these earrings using needle tatting and crochet. Also, at the end of the video I’ll tell you about a new giveaway that I’m running. The winner will get this set… Continue Reading Needle tatting. Crochet. Earrings. Giveaway / Фриволите иглой. Вязание крючком. Серьги. Розыгрыш