Are you alright there Ray? It’s just the pain It’s taking my breath at the moment so I can’t breathe properly The pain I’ve got is where the coccyx is Bend your knees Does that make it better? Both knees Yes it does It’s quite surprising to me that a… Continue Reading Pain and Parkinson’s

Make yourself comfortable, sit or lie down, make sure you will not be interrupted. If you have time, make your space pleasing to you, let in some fresh air, maybe use some essential oils to add another sensory experience. Grab a comfortable cushion or your favourite blanket; you could even… Continue Reading COMPLETE BODY HEALING (RELAXED version) Guided Meditation

Medication is the main treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Medications your doctor prescribes will likely help your Parkinson’s symptoms, but they also can cause side effects and some medications become less effective over time. Parkinson’s treatment has two goals: The first is to manage your symptoms as well as possible. The… Continue Reading Treatment and Management of Parkinson’s Disease

You will be lying on your front. Your skin will be cleaned. A small needle will be used to inject some local anesthetic to numb the skin. This may sting for a couple of seconds. The tip of a needle will be placed next to the spinal nerve. Fluoroscopy, an… Continue Reading Lumbar Spine Selective Nerve Root Block Injection pain management movies

This section is on needle use, selection, and handling and before we begin this discussion, I think it is always important to think about where am I going to give this injection and make sure that injection site we’ve picked is going to be clean to prevent contamination and abscesses.… Continue Reading Needle Selection