Hi everybody, just Simon here again. Just going to give you a simple core exercise to do just to strengthen the core. Core is very important like I said before because it creates a stable base just to power into the lower limbs. So the start position for this is… Continue Reading Preventing Cycling Injuries & Low Back Pain – The Dead Bug Core Strengthening

Yeah hi my name is Phillip Hisham and acupuncturist from Minnesota. I just got done taking the amine or a frequency class completely changed how I’m going to practice from here on out I saw think that I didn’t think we’re possible until this point in time chronic issues going… Continue Reading Philip Kish – Acupuncturist

This is Brent of the Brookbush Institute, and we’re going over manual release of the gastroc and soleus complex. Keep in mind this is a video for educational purposes, and I’m assuming that if you’re watching this video to learn this technique you are a licensed manual practitioner, and you… Continue Reading Gastrocnemius and Soleus Manual Static Release (Trigger Point Release)