Progressively strengthening your core stability muscles after a hip injury can help you become functionally stronger. Start by lunging forward with your right foot and reaching up with the opposite arm and hand high up above your head while keeping the low back in neutral position. When you lunge forward… Continue Reading Chronic Hip Pain Strain- Forward Lunge Reach Ups

Cold and flu can be a really big trigger for headache migraine sufferers and particularly when we’re suffering weather like days like today where it’s pouring with rain it is prime weather to catch colds and flus so what can you do to help prevent catching the cold and the… Continue Reading Colds and flu ? can be a big trigger for headache and migraine

{shad0}Do we need to treat hypertension? {shad0}In fact, we don’t need to treat hypertension itself {shad0}Don’t need to treat {shad0}Let me repeat again as its so important {shad0}We don’t need to treat hypertension itself {shad0}Actually I don’t mean that we should stop reducing blood pressure {shad0}I mean we should stop… Continue Reading Alternative Hypertension Natural Treatment in China – Dr. Ferran Liu HD

With so many people doing so much sitting and being in front of a computer for so many hours of the day it’s no wonder that we see so so much neck postural related pain. And especially if you are sitting in a chair that has no to little back… Continue Reading Neck Pain – Posture Retraining Vancouver & Burnaby Physiotherapist

Hey everyone. Dr Joe Mograbi here, New Jersey’s first and only neck and upper back soft tissue specialist. Hi, I’m Dr Nina Foster. I’m New Jersey’s first and only upper extremity soft tissue specialist. And I’m Dr Chris, the clinic director of Barefoot Rehab. It’s a very common misconception that… Continue Reading The Steak Experiment #1: Manual Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief

Hi I’m Dr. Ilana Smolkin and I’m here for Today I’m going to talk about chiropractic care or what sometimes is referred to as manual therapy and yes, chiro care can be done on your pets, your cats or dogs. Chiropractic care is a drug-free way to try and… Continue Reading Holistic Vet | Speeding Recovery With Chiropractic Medicine or Manual Therapy for Cats and Dogs

Hi everybody, just Simon here again. Just going to give you a simple core exercise to do just to strengthen the core. Core is very important like I said before because it creates a stable base just to power into the lower limbs. So the start position for this is… Continue Reading Preventing Cycling Injuries & Low Back Pain – The Dead Bug Core Strengthening

Yeah hi my name is Phillip Hisham and acupuncturist from Minnesota. I just got done taking the amine or a frequency class completely changed how I’m going to practice from here on out I saw think that I didn’t think we’re possible until this point in time chronic issues going… Continue Reading Philip Kish – Acupuncturist

This is Brent of the Brookbush Institute, and we’re going over manual release of the gastroc and soleus complex. Keep in mind this is a video for educational purposes, and I’m assuming that if you’re watching this video to learn this technique you are a licensed manual practitioner, and you… Continue Reading Gastrocnemius and Soleus Manual Static Release (Trigger Point Release)