We now are seeing the largest training center and monastery of Shorinji Kempo. If you don’t know Japanese, include subtitles. Shorinji Kempo in Japanese means “Fist art of the Shaolin temple.” In this monastery and training center students (Kensi) from all over the World are trained. On this day the… Continue Reading Techniques Shorinji Kempo GOHO JUHO.Pressure pain points in martial arts. Sensei Arai.Initiative.

[Impact sound] Parts of the body. [slap] Liver. Where is your liver? Everyone show me where your liver is. How big is your liver? Okay. So, how are you going to target sombody’s liver, if you don’t know where it is, how big it is…? Find me some pictures of… Continue Reading BOXING BODY SHOTS

Mike Lewis here with Christian Martial Arts and we are talking also about how to throw needles or throwing spikes whichever you prefer to call them, it also depends on the size. Throwing spikes can get roughly, I mean they are pretty long you can have 14 inches up to… Continue Reading Martial Arts : How to Throw Needles

HeGu point (合谷 – LI4) – Does it hurt ? – Hmmm, yes a bit … LieQue point (列缺 – LU7) QuChi (曲池 – LI11) TianDing point (天鼎 – LI17) Turn around … FengChi point (风池 – GB20) 1, 2, 3 … Turn again … Ear’s root (YiFeng, 翳风 –… Continue Reading Baji Quan post training massage ASMR (HD, eng subs)

Danny, Danny, Danny… From the moment you met me I’ve been making you do things you didn’t want to do. What are you talking about? – What am I talking about? – Yeah, what? Let’s show him what I’m talking about! I’m what he’s talking about, shithead! – We have… Continue Reading The Karate Kid Part III – Miyagi Makes a Stand Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

calm music (calm music) – Practices, I am going to teach you how to take people up, energetically. And I am going to teach you how to change their mood, energetically. (exhaling) Push, exhale (exhales) And then sweeping this way, and pull, push. Watching your balance. Getting lost in the… Continue Reading Medical Qigong for Healing Back Pain 2019 – Preview Workshop and Demo

Hey guys! In a few seconds you are going to see a video about atemi and the use of pressure points in aikido. I demonstrate it in a kata of formalized fashion. No claims are implied like “Aikido is the best martial art” or “all this will work easily on… Continue Reading Aikido Atemi (当身) and Pressure Points – Striking Techniques and Kyusho – Gyakuhanmi Katatedori

We have the world around us telling us What we’re supposed to be doing and inside of us we know what we’re supposed to be doing There’s a warrior inside of you Today we are at Knowles Karate Academy to learn about the art of karate Karate is one of… Continue Reading The Try Guys Try Karate

Qigong is a branch of medicine You learned qigong from some Buddhist masters and practiced with them Later you combined qigong with Buddhist Dharma. Is this so ? Yes … The principle of qigong is to act on a human body with a power … Energy … …to balance yin… Continue Reading Yi Jin Jing Romania – interviu cu dr. Jiang Feng

Very important in the kung fu is the development of the internal energy. Shi Xing Peng will demonstrate how he can move a car using a spear which is placed against his throat.