– Does it help to have someone to talk to? (elephant noises) – My mother always tells me to smile, and put on a happy face, she told me I had a purpose. To bring laughter and joy to the world. (elephant sounds) – [Little Girl] What’s happening? (elephant sounds)… Continue Reading Dumbo Gets The “Joker” Treatment

We like to party We like, we like to party Fortnite, not PUBG, Fortnite, fortnite not PUBG, Squad at the ready, Squad at, squad at the ready, Yo you little bitches, It’s party time… The Battle Bus is comin’ And everybody’s flossin’ Loot Lake to Dusty Depot An interfortnite disco… Continue Reading ?DANCE ON YOUR BODY (FORTNITE SONG)?

「Nightcore」→ Stressed Out ✗ Heathens ✗ Migraine ✗ Lane Boy ✗ The Judge ✗ MORE (Switching Vocal)

I won’t lie to you I know he’s just not right for you And you can tell me if I’m off but I see it on your face When you say that he’s the one that you want and you’re spending all your time in this wrong situation and anytime… Continue Reading Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better & Mercy ( MASHUP cover by J.Fla )