(hip-hop beat) – The majority of licensed medical physicians practicing medicine in the US today are MDs, also known as “medical doctors.” However, there is also an increasing number of practicing physicians known as DOs, which means “doctors of osteopathic medicine.” Both are equally licensed to practice medicine in all… Continue Reading MD vs DO: What’s the difference & which is better?

[MUSIC] Treatments for puffy eyes, and that’s typically when we’re referring to patients who say they feel like they have bags under their eyes. Which typically is a result of the fat around the eyeballs starting to poke through the skin a little bit. Many times this is a genetic… Continue Reading Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty): What You Need to Know from a Johns Hopkins Expert

Cupping is an ancient medical tradition that’s been used for thousands of years and it involves the use of a glass or a plastic cup and we make a vacuum inside the cup and place it on the skin and then subsequently the skin gets drawn up into the cup… Continue Reading The Ancient Art of Cupping Modernized by the Olympics

Are you suffering with chronic pain? Have you heard of Dry Needling or Dry Needle Therapy? Dry needling can relieve a range of musculoskeletal problems by inserting very fine needles into taut and contracted muscles, or trigger points. The purpose of inserting the needles is not to inject a drug… Continue Reading Dry Needling & Acupuncture Cumberland MD 21502 301-777-3710