Fever, clinically known as pyrexia, is an abnormal increase in body temperature, usually due to an illness. Commonly thought as an undesirable side effect of diseases, fever is actually an effective way the body uses to fight infections. Patients usually recover faster when they allow fever to run its course… Continue Reading Induction of Fever, Control of Body Temperature, Hyperthermia, Animation.

subscribe to our Channel and press the bell icon for the latest notifications hi friends let’s know amazing home remedies for septicemia blood poisoning septicemia is a serious medical condition and it occurs when bacteria entered a blood stream it could happen from an infection anywhere throughout the body like… Continue Reading Home Remedies For Septicemia (Blood Poisoning) – Natural Treatment For Sepsis

EREKA VETRINI (HOST) Throbbing pain, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue. When is a headache more than just a headache? Hi I’m Ereka Vetrini, and as always I’m delighted to welcome you to Access Health. (music). EREKA VETRINI (HOST) Most everyone, from time to time, gets a headache. But we take a… Continue Reading Access Health Episode 5: How to Manage Migraines

Migraines: so many of us have experienced that day-ruining headache that forces you to have to take refuge in a dark, quiet room. It’s so common that one in four American households has at least one member who suffers from migraines. And for those of you who have chronic migraines,… Continue Reading CBD Oil for Migraines – How CBD Helps Treat Headaches – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Are you alright there Ray? It’s just the pain It’s taking my breath at the moment so I can’t breathe properly The pain I’ve got is where the coccyx is Bend your knees Does that make it better? Both knees Yes it does It’s quite surprising to me that a… Continue Reading Pain and Parkinson’s

[ Snoring ] [ Keys jangle ] [ Door creaks ] Alright, alright. Bring him in! The little boy’s room is upstairs. Oh, I don’t know if I can go through with this. My little Eric is going to be so mad at me! Look, by the time he knows… Continue Reading Boo-Boo Present – South Park – “SHOTS!!!” – s23e03

Helping your child cope with cancer-related pain is a focus for parents Figuring out how to talk about it, where it comes from, and what it means are all important parts of the puzzle. Medication is at the heart of good pain management. Using medication, as directed by your health… Continue Reading Helping Your Child Cope with Cancer Related Pain