So, the question is, how do you differentiate the utility of behavioural/psychotherapeutic treatments for conditions like depression Versus medical treatments? Okay, so the first thing I would say is, um, don’t underestimate the utility of medical interventions. Depression is a catastrophy. It carries with it a very high suicide rate.… Continue Reading Jordan Peterson’s opinion on Antidepressants

Better health is now more easily available through preventative an alternative medicine; no prescription required! Let’s start with an analogy: the earth receives a wide spectrum of light from the Sun, from infrared to ultraviolet and everything in between and many magnitudes of wavelengths beyond. A small segment of that… Continue Reading AQTN – Alternative medicine is for everyone

crowd welcome to another MedCram lecture in the next set of lectures we’re going to talk about insomnia what causes it what are the different diseases that can cause it and how to manage it and I would say that even though I am a sleep specialist some of the… Continue Reading Insomnia Explained Clearly – Causes, Pathophysiology & Treatment

Hello guys. My name is Chintan Shah and in this vid I am going to share with you all my experience of migraine and how I got relief from it. During migraine I had a throbbing pain in the right side of my head and the right eye along with… Continue Reading Migraine – Treatment & Experience |

More than likely, you know someone with ADHD. Or at the very least you know someone who you suspect might have ADHD. It’s one of the most common behavioral health diagnoses given to kids today. So let’s say that you walk into an auditorium and you have 100 kids in… Continue Reading Treating ADHD with Therapy

[Narrator] [Army Capt. Beegen] Stay tuned for [Army] Capt. Tracy Beegen, of the “Living Beyond Pain” podcast, produced by the Defense Health Agency. Welcome to the “Living Beyond Pain” podcast. This is a series devoted to helping people struggling with chronic pain by giving them practical tools to help them… Continue Reading Introduction to the Living Beyond Pain Podcast

I was an entirely conventional physician before, you know, I had my own experience bumping up against the glass ceiling of what conventional medicine has to offer and you’ll find most renegade doctors have sort of jumped the fence because of our own personal health experiences you live what your… Continue Reading Holistic Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD on the Diagnosis that Made Her Stop Prescribing Medication

subscribe to our Channel and press the bell icon for the latest notifications hi friends let’s know amazing home remedies for septicemia blood poisoning septicemia is a serious medical condition and it occurs when bacteria entered a blood stream it could happen from an infection anywhere throughout the body like… Continue Reading Home Remedies For Septicemia (Blood Poisoning) – Natural Treatment For Sepsis

I’m so happy to be here. I’m sitting with Dr. Kelly Brogan who is a holistic psychiatrist, formally of New York, now in Miami, Florida. And it is just such an honor. Since I started WellBe and well before that, I was interested in the idea of holistic and integrative… Continue Reading Holistic Psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD Prescribes No Medications to Her Patients

what is the best cure today? i know there are a lot of medications. that really depends on what these headache logs look like, whether it is a migraine that is chronic, or if it is an acute onset of a migraine. we ideally look for a multifactorial approach. if… Continue Reading Treatments for Migraines