When youre moving along in your life, when youre, you know, operating on three wheels, just looking at your body, your mind and your emotions and then you realize there is a fourth wheel and that may change the direction of your car. Could you talk about that? See, now… Continue Reading Transcending the Body, Mind & Emotions. Sadhguru

Hello, it’s Carol Chapman, and today, we are talking about the Manifestation Meditation and also Gungfu style tea. You might be wondering why these two – the meditation and the Gungfu style tea – are included in the same video. Well, it’s because, when I was doing the meditation, the… Continue Reading The Law of Attraction Daily Affirmation – a 40 Day Manifestation Meditation – Carol Anne Chapman

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Hello Everyone, I’m Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide. Today we’re going to explore a natural means of inducing hallucinations – namely, the fascinating phenomena of hypnagogia – nature’s very own nightly hallucinatory wonderland. Better still, developing an interest and understanding of hypnagogic hallucinations is a vital step towards mastering lucid… Continue Reading HOW TO HALLUCINATE NATURALLY ✹ Trip Without Drugs ✹ Natural Alternative to DMT & LSD

One of the stunning findings that showed up in long-term meditators—and these other scientists were quite skeptical about [it], but Richard Davidson my co-author and his group went ahead and tried it—they had people who had done 1,000 to 10,000 lifetime hours of meditation come in and simply do a… Continue Reading How Meditation Can Manage Chronic Pain and Stress | Daniel Goleman

The so-called mind-body problem is one of the greatest and most quietly painful conundrums in philosophy, and more importantly, in everyday life. The problem is rooted in the fact that in the eyes of other people, all of us are automatically and stubbornly associated with our bodies, which includes, of… Continue Reading The Mind Body Problem

So if you have ever had a migraine I’m sure you know how debilitating and painful and intense they can really be. I have several family members who get awful migraines that put them in bed for you know days at a time and there’s not a ton out there… Continue Reading Migraine Magic ✨