Hi, I’m Mina, I had a hyperpigmentation problem. I went to another dermatologist and she tried many different lasers. It would lighten it and then within three more days, it would come back, and then I basically gave up, but one day I just stumbled onto Dr. Pien’s website, and… Continue Reading My Melasma Treatment – How I Got Rid of the Brown Patches on My Face

So a patient comes into our office and they have a melasma. Obviously this poor patient’s skin is unhappy on the inside because the melasma is showing up on the outside. This unfortunate, unhappy spot of skin that has forgotten how to take care of its own coloration, well, we… Continue Reading Laser Melasma & Hyperpigmentation Treatment

– Melasma is a problem of hyper-pigmentation, which mainly affects women, because it’s driven by the hormone estrogen, as well as UV radiation. And it affects a lot of women, especially who have olive or darker skins, and primarily it looks like patchy, dark pigmentation around the cheeks, upper lip,… Continue Reading Melasma treatment information. Before and after pictures and our melasma protocol explanation