JULIEN: Are you happy to be in Miami? We are good here, it’s hot here not like in Paris. At first, I was hesitating because I didn’t want to miss class, but in the end, I totally do not regret anything. I’m not gonna complain it’s hot here whereas in… Continue Reading DIOR BY KIM JONES: KIM KARDASHIAN MEETS MALUMA IN MIAMI! by Loic Prigent

what come on but we still need to sleep in this bed I feel like I’m starting to slowly build okay never mind we are on our way to my dear friend Hannah’s beauty salon she is a pop star in Russia and like an it girl on Instagram what… Continue Reading Body Update & Transforming Into A Russian IT Girl | Miami Vlog

WE’RE IN MIAMI! We about to acquire this fucking bread ?Ari’s the one filming right now You got replaced Spencer. I don’t know what it is. But I am feeling reckless smells like regret, today’s decision Im getting a fucking tatto. I don´t know Who influenced you to do this… Continue Reading MY FIRST TATTOO! **painful**

Help if you suffer from migraines. Local 10 medical specialist Kristi Krueger has news of this innovative new treatment that only takes a few minutes and can really help make that pain disappear.>>Jenny Watson: Frustrating, painful, really debilitating. It started probably when I was a teenager. Frequency can be once… Continue Reading Miami SPG Migraine Doctor (786) 500-5347- Headache Specialist Aventura Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

hello everybody, Adrian Melero from Miami Acupuncture therapy and in today’s video we’re going to talk about sinus congestion relief sinusitis with acupuncture and microcurrent now the typical protocol… if I could have my own demonstrator lie down here basically in typical acupuncture there are some points that are needled:… Continue Reading Quick Sinus Relief With Microcurrent and Acupuncture