Hello, hi. This is Dr. Ken Redcross, and welcome to The Redcross Minute! What are we going to talk about today? How about headaches? We all get them. I get them. Everyone does. I’m sure you do, too. Well, I’ll tell you this: There’s three kinds of classic headaches we… Continue Reading Migraine Symptoms: Could it instead be a Tension or Cluster Headache?

My name is Megan. I came to Dr. Berman experiencing a lot of back pain and a lot of neck pain. I was getting migraines multiple times a month, sometimes multiple times a week, and they would last for a very long amount of time. I was also having facial… Continue Reading Migraine Headaches Testimonial – Berman Chiropractic

Hi my name is Nicole and I’ve been using Block Therapy on and off for the last probably 6, 7 months and as much as I trying to incorporate it in my life on a daily basis, I have incorporated it when I am really not well and having a… Continue Reading Natural remedy for migraine headaches

You don’t need a PhD to cure an H-E-A-D-ache! Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good! Mythical! Morning! – All right. If you’ve got a headache, – you’ve come to the right place. – I don’t. If you don’t have a headache but you get headaches, well,… Continue Reading 5 Weird Ways To Cure A Headache

One minute migraine tips Number three – Keep a diary Dear diary, I really fancy this boy but… No, not like that Keep a record of when your migraines happen, like this. This is my migraine diary from May. The red crosses are the days I have a migraine and… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine tips – 3. Keep a diary

I’m doctor Kendra Pearson at Northland Physical Medicine and we are doing in new procedure to eliminate headaches, headaches are not normal and that’s pain, your body is telling you that something is wrong it is not normal up with headaches everyday. We can do a nerve block to block… Continue Reading Newest Migraine Therapy in KC – This is what everyone is talking about!!!!

They’re painful and can put patients out of commission for hours or even days, but migraines aren’t likely associated with breast cancer— despite past research that suggested they might be. I’m Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. Past research on migraines and breast cancer turned up inconsistent findings, but… Continue Reading Migraines Not Tied to Breast Cancer

Hi I’m Jenny. I’m here for my 3 o’clock appointment with Doctor Ramsay. Okay. Jenny. Go ahead and fill this out and we’ll be with you shortly. No, but I was just here last week. We have all our patients fill that out so that we can better assist you.… Continue Reading Migraine Hell | Dark Comedy Short Film

[Dr. Christopher Khorsandi] I’m excited to be part of this pioneering field of migraine surgery. What we’re able to do is give patients their life back, and as a physician that’s one of the most satisfying things that you can do. I became involved in the field of migraine surgery… Continue Reading Migraine Surgery – Dr. Christopher Khorsandi – Las Vegas

Bye Darling! ouch with this migraine headache of mine, I’ll never have John’s dinner ready for when he gets home Morphine, Quaaludes, Valium nothing gets rid of this terrible pain Then perhaps you should try something else like ACUPUNCTURE ACUPUNCTURE? does that come in pills or a powder neither Acupuncture… Continue Reading Migraine Education