So I was going to make a video today but I’m feeling pretty awful. Just recovering from a migraine. So I feel very drained. I have to have my head resting on here because I don’t have the energy to hold it up. And my brain’s not really working to… Continue Reading FAILED Migraine Tips video

1 Minute Migraine Tips – Be Prepared I wasn’t very organised when my migraines first started getting really bad and I would quite often run out of food and then would be too ill to go to the supermarket or even to leave my house. I would have to resort… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine Tips – 6. Be Prepared

One minute migraine tips: Number 2 – Research and the right doctor I had no clue that my really bad headaches that lasted for two or three days and made me feel really sick were migraines. Also, as I said in my first video, I just tried to ignore them.… Continue Reading 1 Minute Migraine tips – 2. Research & the right Doctor

Hello friends! I am Dr. Bhupesh and I welcome you to my channel Neuro Wellness. Today we shall understand the concept of Migraine, what is Migraine, types of Migraine, how it can be prevented, treatment of Migraine. But in a very simplified and easy to understand way “Whiteboard animation” So… Continue Reading What is Migraine and how to prevent it! माइग्रेन क्या है, और इसे कैसे रोकें!

Step one, please observe the placement of the middle fingers Press down on the scalp, and make a pulling motion towards the back of the head A landmark to look out for are two “corners” on the head Make sure your middle fingers pass through the corners Follow through the… Continue Reading Migraine Treatment in 6 Steps

I’m feeling brain dead, I’m in a different dimension It’s like my brain cells have no connection With no control over mind or matter, the mind warps and becomes fractured this migraine floods my brain I feel it burning like I’m smothered in butane it’s like gravity drifts away, followed… Continue Reading Jackal – Migraine [Live Session]

Another thing on headaches – everybody has different types of headaches. Some people have more tension type. Some people have more migraine type. There’s one theory out in the world that says that all headaches are in this big continuum and you have your high and your low. Your tension… Continue Reading Tension & Migraine Headaches are on a Continuum

Hello, hi. This is Dr. Ken Redcross, and welcome to The Redcross Minute! What are we going to talk about today? How about headaches? We all get them. I get them. Everyone does. I’m sure you do, too. Well, I’ll tell you this: There’s three kinds of classic headaches we… Continue Reading Migraine Symptoms: Could it instead be a Tension or Cluster Headache?

My name is Megan. I came to Dr. Berman experiencing a lot of back pain and a lot of neck pain. I was getting migraines multiple times a month, sometimes multiple times a week, and they would last for a very long amount of time. I was also having facial… Continue Reading Migraine Headaches Testimonial – Berman Chiropractic