Hi guys! Welcome to Homeremedies1976! I hope you’re all doing well and feeling healthy of course. My name is Stan and today we have a countdown with five of the best natural remedies against migraine. We start out with an elimination diet and we end with talking some more about… Continue Reading All Natural Remedies for Migraine!

What are the ways that you can treat migraines? You know, when I work with a patient I always want to make sure it’s tailored to improve their quality of life. And so it’s always a two-way street on how we work with each other to come up with an… Continue Reading Ways to treat migraines

You’re a family doctor, so why should people come to a family doctor for migraines? Well, one thing that I like to say is migraines run in families. So we look at migraines, we’ll find that 25 percent of the homes in America will have someone with a migrainer in… Continue Reading Why should I see a family doctor for migraines?

best home remedy for migraine headaches headaches lavender essential oil lavender essential oil is commonly used for stress relief and relaxation there’s also strong evidence that lavender can help treat headaches and migraines breathing in the scent from lavender essential can help acute management of migraine headaches one study found… Continue Reading Best home remedy for migraine headaches

Dr. Tymothy L. Flory: Okay, Michelle. What problems were you experiencing before coming here and why did you seek care with us? I had a long list of problems that dated back to probably my early childhood that I never could put a finger on. I would say my biggest… Continue Reading Claremont Chiropractor (909) 982-9100 NUCCA helps resolve Migraine Headaches

– So let’s talk a little bit about migraines. So, migraines is one of the biggest health problems, especially for women in the United States. There’s so many hours of missed work, and a lot of times, people know you have a migraine, it can take you out, you know,… Continue Reading Drugless Relief for Migraine Headaches

so I’ve been getting migraines since pretty much as long as I could remember ever since about junior high and I would get them really consistent consistently really regularly and everyone in my family also had migraines my mom my grandmother all the women and the side of my family… Continue Reading ASMR wellness center migraine relief in Santa Clarita Los Angeles.

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news. Migraines are bad enough, but new research showed they may be more than just a pain in the head. A new analysis of data from the Nurses Health Study II found women who had migraines had a greater risk of heart disease than… Continue Reading Women, Migraines and Heart Disease