My name is Mara. I came to Dr. Young with constant neck pain, migraines and felt like my body was deteriorating. I had stopped working out…everything. And I have TMJ, old injuries, my C1, C2 just a mess. And now a year and a half later I’m back to working… Continue Reading Help for Migraine, Neck Pain & TMJ | San Diego, CA

I’m going to talk about barometric pressure changes and weather today because this seriously impacted me over the weekend and I know it plays a role for a lot of us with vestibular stuff especially with vestibular migraines… The weather jumped from like 70 to 90 (degrees)… felt the humidity… Continue Reading Vestibular Migraines: Weather factor + addressing symptoms (with essential oils)

– Hey Melbourne, Dr. Ian here. Welcome to The Now. Today I’m going to be revealing the truth about how sleeping postures could be causing migraines. (upbeat new age music) As you can see, Emma, whose lying on her back, is using one of these standard type pillows. The problem… Continue Reading Migraine Relief and Sleep – 2 Tips That Minimise Migraines Headaches

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