– We’re in a public park. I’ve got a little girl on my pull-up bars, so I’m gonna have to wait an extra second. (rock music) – So, a little while ago, I reached out to Alden Mills, former Navy Seal and author and presented Joshua with a challenge. –… Continue Reading I Tried The Navy Seal Body of Armor Workout

When the smoke cleared and the fighting was over, World War I was the deadliest war in human history, with a staggering ten million military personnel and seven million civilians dead. Two decades later, World War II would top this figure, with between seventy and eighty five million people killed.… Continue Reading What Happened To The Millions of Bodies After Huge World War Battles?

Hi guys, thanks for tuning in to another video book review on forgottenweapons.com I’m Ian McCollum and the book that we are taking a look at today is the Dreyse Military needle ignition system by Guy and Leonard A-R-West brothers out of the UK This is the second in a… Continue Reading Book Review: The Dreyse Military Needle-Ignition System

[Narrator] [Army Capt. Beegen] Stay tuned for [Army] Capt. Tracy Beegen, of the “Living Beyond Pain” podcast, produced by the Defense Health Agency. Welcome to the “Living Beyond Pain” podcast. This is a series devoted to helping people struggling with chronic pain by giving them practical tools to help them… Continue Reading Introduction to the Living Beyond Pain Podcast

KERWIN HENDERSON: Excuse me. Specialized housing units for veterans in prisons and jails. My name is Kerwin Henderson. I’m a Research Associate here at American University with the Justice Programs Office. On behalf of our office and on behalf of the VA Technical Assistance Drug Court Project, I’d like to… Continue Reading Specialized Housing Units for Veterans in Prisons and Jails

My name is Jeff Gustin. Co-Founder and Executive Director of Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin What we’ve created here is a homeless recovery program for homeless Veterans in Southeastern Wisconsin. We are veteran specific. There’s no one-size-fits-all in helping somebody with their recovery, so we put a program together that works… Continue Reading Wisconsin’s Tiny Home Village – A place for our Veterans

(helicopter whirring) (muffled voices) – [Stephen] Well, we’re teaching the enlisted medics, because they go outside the wire, teaching them, lotta great questions. Right before the break, somebody said, “Hey doc, sometimes somebody gets shot. “If they’re starting to bleed out. “Well, I’ve lost that guy, but now somebody has… Continue Reading Battlefield Acupuncture

Are you ready to order can I have a second sure? Thank you? Are you new in town? I’m passing through on my way to fort bragg. Well. I love a man in uniform I buy you a drink or something. I appreciate that, but I’m waiting on my date… Continue Reading Male soldier berated because of homosexuality l What Would You Do