Researchers at MIT, Harvard Medical School, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have recently invented a technology to wirelessly power up tiny devices like this one, deep inside the human body. These devices have no batteries, yet the new technology can wirelessly power them up and communicate with them from a… Continue Reading Wireless System can Power and Communicate with Tiny Devices inside the Body (Short Video)

(intro music) So my name’s Alex Byrne. I teach philosophy at MIT, and today I’m going to explain an argument for so-called mind-body dualism, the view that we are not physical or material things. And if we’re not physical or material things, the natural alternative is that we’re mental things… Continue Reading PHILOSOPHY – Mind: Mind-Body Dualism [HD]

I do advise my students to be broad and open-minded in their thinking when it comes to careers. I mean basically what you want is somebody to have a great career and to be happy; and so my advice to students is to don’t do what’s going to make you… Continue Reading Career advice from the “Edison of medicine” | MIT’s Robert Langer

Good afternoon, my name is Caroline Hane-Weijman and my team is from MIT. We’ve developed the Spiral Pine Needle Stove, a stove that uses unprocessed pine needles as an alternative cooking fuel in developing nations. Our stove was designed to address challenges faced by communities in Uttarakhand, India. The first… Continue Reading The Spiral Pine Needle Stove

– This is going to be the most relatable Try Guys series ever. Why? – Because it’s real. – Old people! We all love ’em. But what happens when we become ’em? (screams) – I’m 31 years young, I’ll never get old, I’ll never die. – [Eugene] In this series… Continue Reading The Try Guys Test Old Age Body Simulators